Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Otis Bizarro

My musical friends Otis Bizarro and the Deacons of Obscurity, finally have some of their music available for listening on the web. Three songs are currently up there. I've always been fond of Otis both personally and musically (even if a couple of the Deacons are kind of jerks).

Listen to him here.

My personal favorite of the three he has up now is "Wash," but listen to them all. Since he's only put up three tracks, he has a slot open, potentially for some of the new material he's rumored to have kicking around.

You can, of course, also find him in the "Friends" pane of my MySpace page, found in the links section.


CC2383 said...


The Moon Topples said...

uh, hi.

Did you have something to say about the post, but got shy? Or are you just saying hello?

CC2383 said...

i'm shy

The Moon Topples said...


i'm gonna tell him you have a crush on him, and then give him your cell phone number.