Thursday, October 26, 2006

C'mon, Lorne!

So I was watching tv Saturday night, and I stumbled upon a new episode of Saturday Night Live.

I was smiling contendedly at the lack of Horatio Sanz, when I noticed that the host was none other than John C. Reilly, the subject of my first blog post. Now I knew that Mr. Michaels was reading my blog when he fired Mr. Sanz, but the host seemed a little too coincidental.

And then, halfway through the show, they announced the host for the following week: Hugh Laurie. Another subject of a blog posting here at the Moon Topples. Soon, he'll be raiding my "friends" on MySpace in order to find his musical guests.

So shouldn't I be getting paid or something? Consulting Producer, at least. C'mon, Lorne, step up and admit that I'm basically controlling the show at this point. And then compensate me accordingly.

I shall await your reply.

1 comment:

CC2383 said...

Your the SNL puppet master! You must be very proud.