Thursday, October 12, 2006

I'm number one (million, two hundred twenty-two thousand, four hundred eighty-six)!!!

In keeping with my domestic theme for today, I have made a couple of small changes to the site. When you click on "Comments" for a post, it will now open in a pop-up, keeping you where you were in the blog in the original window.

I have also removed that garbled text-verification thing for people making comments. I suppose I'll put that back if I get a bunch of new posts from robots, but it was irritating me. And, I imagine, you. Unless you never post (you know who you are, creepy lurkers).

So it should be a bit easier to read and post comments. Let me know if anything's glitchy.

And I got rid of the technorati thing that kept breaking out of the sidebar. I doubt anyone was using it, and I didn't even realize it was there until a couple of days ago. So that's gone, too. All it was really doing was advertising that my blog ranking is #1,222,486 as of this morning, which appears to be based entirely on links to my blog from other blogs. So if any of you have a blog, feel free to link to me. Because I'm not even in the top million, and that makes me feel a little bad.

I am apparently missing the first snowfall of the year in Chicago right now. Craig reported via email that he "can only see about a mile before the world turns into fuzzy whiteness." Which is kind of sad, because I like it when it snows. But I suppose the very nice weather I'm having in London is perfectly acceptable.

It's not like it won't snow again this year.


Anonymous said...

Hey Hey!

Take comfort in the fact that while the overcast sky dumped quite a pretty little snowfall on us, it all melted and the sky turned blue within an hour.


Unknown said...

If it makes you feel any better I've been linking to you from my blog for a couple of weeks without me you might be #1,222,487.
It snowed like crazy a few times in Ann Arbor today. And there was hail. Not golf ball sized, more like melon sized. It was sunny again by the end of the day, though.

Anonymous said...

i may not be a creepy robot, but i am a creepy lurker.

so how's the UK?


The Moon Topples said...

Zorak: Of course I am grateful for the link. And I'm glad to hear that all the stories of water cooling into a solid and plummeting from the sky ended in sunshine. That's always nice.

Jeff: You're a lurker no more. As for how things are in the UK, I don't know what to tell you. Much of what I'd say is already in the last gob of blog posts. And anyone who loves their Mac and Lewis Black as much as you claim can't be all that creepy. Plus, of course, you're HUGE in Canada.

Other readers: When a name appears in a color other than black here in the comments section, that means you can click and learn more about them. Knock yourselves out.