Tuesday, May 15, 2007

GBA(s)FC #2 - Winners Announcement

As with last time, the votes were very close, and everyone who submitted a story is deserving of congratulations. This is another instance where it often came down to single votes being the difference between one prize and another. There were some really excellent stories and some great writing this time around.

Thank you all for taking part. Unless you did not take part, in which case I urge you to give it a whirl next time.

Author's Choice Prizes:
1st Place Entry #12 "My Short Story" by Stray
2nd Place Entry #9 "Forget-Me-Not" by Reading the Signs
3rd Place Entry #16 "Rings" by Jason Evans
4th Place Entry #14 "Seeds of Truth" by Sognatrice
5th Place Entry #15 "Queen Size Bed" by The Perfect Neurotic

Jury Prizes:
1st Place Entry #24 "Pull" by Joni
2nd Place Entry #17 "Are We Not Men?" by Kyklops

Honorable Mention
Entry #4 "Paolo and the Snakes" by Seamus Kearney

Congratulations, everybody, whether you won an official prize or not. Winners can claim their badges from their reposted entry. I also made this participant badge if anyone who entered would like one.

All the entries have been moved to the current year, so please use the "Growth Fiction Contest" tag to find the entries from now on. You old links will not work. Also, authors are now allowed to respond to their comments and to link to their entries. Please also check the links and let me know if anything has gone amiss.

The Jury...

I wanted a jury which could reflect the various viewpoints and background of my Blogreaders. To that end, I assembled a crack team of readers who include a few writers (three entrants to this very contest, as well) in three different countries. At least one is a published novelist. Another is the only person with whom I share a meal on a regular basis. And then there was my mom. Here's a little bit about them.

Juror #1 is GoodThomas, a friend, writer and fellow blogger who is also one of the strange Workers I was telling you about not all that long ago. He's good people. Entry #19.

Juror #2 is Bass Monk, with whom I eat breakfast on Saturdays. He was in map of july for many years with me, and is a fantastic musician. On occasion, he also graces us with a blog post.

Juror #3 is Minx, who became my blogfriend back in November when she told me to get off of her blog if I could not handle sarcasm. She's got a book out, but still seems to make time for frivolous flash fiction contests like this one. I owe her a map of july cd. Entry #8.

Juror #4 is Verilion, a self-described wanderer in Paris. Her quote about herself on her website says: "I write in bed, I write on the metro, I write at work, I write at home, I write, I write, I write..." So...she writes some. Entry #5.

Juror #5 is my mom. She does not keep a blog. She was nice enough to read your entries without too much grumbling. Since this contest required her to be reading and voting on Mother's Day, she probably deserves a special nod for taking part.


Joni said...

Thank you for succumbing to my comment bullying and posting the results. :) I can go to bed happy now.

Congrats to the many deserving winners! I'm pleased to see many of my choices here. I'll share that I'm more than a little giddy myself.

What an awesome contest, Maht! You know I'm hooked now!

Ms Melancholy said...

Hey, huge congratulations to all of the winners. And well done Maht for another great competition. You're a superstar.

Stray said...


omg omg. bbbbbbut ...

wow. woah. thank you!

really ... can't quite believe it, having not written fiction, let alone a short story, since little school.

thanks Maht, and random strangers who voted for me!

congratulations Ms Signs (I am still completely freaked out by my overgrown garden) and everyone else too!

going back to sleep now .... xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all winners as well as all participants!

Thanks for Maht for the opportunity to sharpen my writing!

More good years! :)

S. Kearney said...

Well done to all the deserving winners! Brilliant stuff. I'm pleased to have retained an honourable mention, the title I received in the last Moon Topples contest. Thanks Maht for your energy with this!

The Moon Topples said...

Joni: Well, I hope to see you again in August for #3, then.

Ms. M: Thanks.

Stray: Congratulations again, but the voters shouldn't be random strangers. They are your fellow writers.

Canterbury: Thanks for taking part, and I hope we'll see you again...

Shameless: I noticed that you had placed the same last time as well. I know I always enjoy your stories.

Unknown said...

This was such a great competition, so many clever entries, all with an original take on the theme. All the entries were well written, technically correct and many had a well defined writing voice. I was hard pushed to pick out favourites.

If anyone would find a deeper critique of their story helpful, I am more than willing to provide one. I can be found lurking at innerminx at googlemail dot com.

Well done again to the winners. Competitions like this one are so important to both published and un-published writers, validating our writing and linking together people who are pounding away at keyboards all over the world. Thanks again Maht, we need people like you.

Unknown said...

And I didn't miss that little comment about sarcasm, Mr Baldy Arse - you will pay - you know that!

Anonymous said...

Your mom was one of the jurors? That's funny. Like Letterman's mom covering the Olympics. I like it.

Great stuff - both the submissions and the contest overall.

Now, if I can be said to have any authority in this matter as I managed not to submit a story as I was so busy writing final projects for school: Get back to writing yourself! I demand to know what became or will become of Baranatalo!


Beth said...

Wow, I'm kind of in shock as I was so unsure and rather embarrassed of my entry. So many were just so incredible and I am so glad some of my own votes won. Thank you any who voted for me. I appreciate it and am astounded by it.

Love the cool badges.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Congratulations to the winners, and to Maht for encouraging something we all love to do.

Rick said...

Hey Maht,

Thanks once again for hosting this contest and generally encouraging people to write. (Thanks also for--apparently!--inventing a "second place" in the Jury category!). ,-)

Congratulations to all winners and partcipants for a great bunch of stories!

Unknown said...

I missed yesterday completely, but better late than never hey?
So firstly Congratulations all of you who won something and I'm looking forward to checking you guys out next week.
Thanks Maht for a great contest. I really enjoy taking part I love the writing and it was extra fun this time round 'cos you let me be on the jury, so big thanks for that.

Pallav said...

Cool contest, hope I'm improved enough by august to win something in #3 ;)

Congrats to the winners...you deserve it :)



Thy said...

hurrah! more stuff to read during computers class when the teacher isn't looking!