Sunday, September 02, 2007

Moon Topples blog post

Apology for lack of recent blog posts and explanation of whereabouts. Further explanation of whereabouts and small joke at writer's expense. Alternate punch line to previous small joke. Declaration of intent to maintain blog with greater diligence.

Five asterisks, centered.

Beginning of anecdote concerning recent event or activity. Additional sentences as needed to flesh out detail or advance narrative of anecdote. Inadvertent revelation of personal detail. Conclusion of anecdote with reiteration of main point to reinforce perspective.

Five asterisks, centered.

Photographic image taken by writer.

Sentence explaining the provenance of the image with reference to Chicago as "my city" and the reader as "Blogreader." Statement of affection for photography and/or camera. Continued explanation of photograph and where it was taken. Small joke at writer's expense.

Five asterisks, centered.

Long form joke at writer's expense.

Five asterisks, centered.

Reluctant opening to section on the status of off-blog writing. Latest theory as to why it is not going well. Further explanation and vaguely-worded apology to self and/or reader for lack of progress. Listing of new strategy coupled with reasons why new strategy will change everything. Small joke at writer's expense.

End blog post.


S. Kearney said...

Perfect Mr Moon. I had a good laugh at this! :) It also fitted some of my blog posts perfectly! Spooky. :)

Unknown said...

Comment reply

Refusal to accept recent failure of Moon type blog posts. Incorporates 'lazy bum' into sentence before questioning the word 'diligence'.

Expresses interest and cleverness at photographic skills.

Laughs heartily at writers expense.

Raises eyebrows at latest theory of non-writing and refers back to 'lazy bum'. Sniffs at new theory and kicks writer up the bum and offers advice for successful completion of writing task.

End comment.

Reading the Signs said...

comment reply

Endorses remarks made by previous commenter.

Adds a few astringent but affectionate quips of her own so as not to look lazy.

Solicitous enquiry as to Mr. Moon's wellbeing and wordcount. Goes back and deletes reference to wordcount but expresses hope that all creative endeavour generally buoyant.

Expresses regret at not being in a position to offer advice, solicited or otherwise, re completion of writing task and refers obliquely to own outstanding projects and need for strategy which will change everything.

Small joke at everyone's expense.

End Comment

The Moon Topples said...

Shameless: Statement of gratitude for comment. Acknowledgment that template is not unique to writer's blog.

Minx: Appreciative remark regarding humor content of comment. Expression of thanks for writing advice and support. Query as to why you are questioning the word "diligence" rather than questioning my diligence.

Signs: Statement of welcome on return to commenting. Expression of personal well-being and wishes for the same on your part. Acknowledgment of your creativity and humor as well, and declaration of good wishes and support for your own writing project.

Taffiny said...

hmm...well you have aleady blogged your hair and cats.

Your hair shouldn't be shorn shorter, so go back to cats.
Suggest surrendering to an all cat photo blog (with a few wispy witty wordy details here and there, captions), Day 1-cat on sofa, Day 2-cat looking out window. Day 3-Cat wishing you would get on your computer so cat would have something warm to sit on.
Maybe the cat has things to blog about (have you even asked?).
Day 4 photo of cat eating, Day 5 cat sleeping (ah so cute!), Day 6 trying to learn those darn riddles. And I am sure the cat (s) could offer up jokes to make at your expense for Days 7. There you go, a whole week of posts. a snap

hmm..maybe I should have just said ditto to the witty replies supplied previous

The Moon Topples said...

Taffiny: I shall take your suggestions...uh...under advisement.