Thursday, October 18, 2007

Phoctober the eighteenth

The last hold-outs. Flower, fungus and fly.

In the ninety seconds I was photographing the flower, one of the petals curled up entirely. Either it was shriveling or flipping me off. Anybody's guess.

It continues to be freakishly warm here, and as a consequence we had a batch of strong storms and even some tornadoes tearing through the midwest. I've now written several letters of complaint to the weather people to ask when they will be installing the autumn, but their customer service is even worse than that of Comcast or the phone company. They might not even process my request until next Monday.


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Not necessarily Phoctoberly, but Sognatrice is having a birthday.

It isn't too late to join the fun. Just do a photo post, mention Phoctober, and come and tell me about it in the comments.


Liz Dwyer said...

Aw, such lovely mushrooms! Glad they didn't get blown away in some tornado!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Well it LOOKS lovely, maybe it was the bug.


And... we're having a birthday party for Sognatrice at my page, please feel free to drop by for cake and presents.

I'll put up some phoctober for you tomorrow.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Unknown said...

How bizarre, I left a comment and it vanished into the ether... What's in those mushrooms, Maht? And I wonder if the fly's been enjoying them too?

Given the natural recalcitrance of the staff at Weather, you might perhaps be better off just doing a weather dance...?

Rick said...

Either it was shriveling or flipping me off.

Nice... and I like the fly, too.
I've got some vending machines, perhaps with hot drinks...

Taffiny said...

Didn't you return your lion? I still see Nameless there. Are doing some sort of joint custody? Do you get him for holidays then?

I like the warm weather (hasn't been stormy here), but I need transitional temperatures. What is weirding me out, one day I have on shorts during day, and the air conditioning on at night, the next, I am wearing jeans and a zip up sweater, inside the house during the day, and sleeping in my winter pj's at night. I hate when we miss the mid temps, and go from hot, to frrrrrreeezzzing. We keep having 30 degree temp jumps.

The fly adds something, I mean yes of course it adds a fly, but I mean, it adds "something" to the shot. Soil looks really rich and dark. I would ask you where you took it, but ..(oh I've jabbered on long enough. end of comment)

The Moon Topples said...

I could have sworn I replied to these yesterday. Must have been eaten...

Liz: I'm glad as well, as these mushrooms are inches from the side of my apartment building. I'd have blown away as well!

Scarlett: Probably was the bug...

AbVan: I seem to have had the same problem. I don't know what was in the mushrooms, but the fly had either gotten stoned from them or was possibly dead. He didn't so much as twich while I was around.

Kyklops: Ah, Japanese vending machines. Such lovely things as well.

Taffiny: Indeed, I have returned my lion. I am just lazy. I'll have to clear him off in the next day or two. 30° temperature swings are known to happen around here as well. I'm starting to worry that we're going to leap from summer directly to winter, and skip entirely my favorite season.

Unknown said...

Wow isn't it amazing how one can detect a G&T from across an ocean, but I have no idea what type of mushrooms, flowers or bug that is! Mmm... Hope you don't miss your favourite season; however, if you do I have it packaged in the form of a ginger haired eleven year old and would be more than willing to share.

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

I love those shrooms! And thanks for the honorary Phoctober/birthday mention :)