Friday, August 25, 2006

My Sun is in the house of the Moon

A friend of mine has decided to do my astrological chart, pictured to the right.

I don't pretend to understand much of this, and from what I gathered during the time we spent discussing this, a lot of it is open to interpretation. I find this kind of thing fun but not terribly serious, like playing with a Ouija board when you're a kid. Or the white noise/spirit thing, UFOs and the like. And I should also point out that my friend who believes in this stuff is not necessarily a frivolous person, and I've never heard her mention spirits, crystals or UFOs.

So anyway, as is obvious, my Pluto is opposite Mars, and my 7th house is very interesting. Either that or this is a schematic for a future episode of Stargate.

I retain my skepticism about all this, if only because it was being done by someone who knew me, and it's hard to get all excited when someone tells you that they see something in your chart that they might also know about you personally. There were a couple of things that she seemed surprised about, which was the more interesting stuff. I had a hard time following a lot of what she was saying, so forgive me for not going into more detail.

Suffice it to say that not only is my Sun in the house of the Moon, the Moon is in the house of the Sun (they swapped keys at a party is my guess), and there was some stuff about communication, self-confidence and being wary of groups and disillusionment. And my Capricorn is rising, which isn't what it might sound like.

So now my blog moves into Jupiter, and is expanding.


Anonymous said...

Very cute, but your Sun is in the Moon's SIGN (and vice versa), not house, silly.

The Moon Topples said...

Fair enough. It was all kind of complicated, and there were many things I had trouble following because this is all new to me and I was a bit groggy when she was doing the chart.