Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Sleep Zone

I had a dream last night in which Martin Sheen chastized me for not pursuing acting any more. So there's that. He seemed really upset about it. IMDB tells me he's been arrested over 70 times (mostly in protests) and that he played both the role of Praxis on Total Recall: The Series and that of the Soul Hunter on Babylon 5. I think he was wearing a tuxedo for some reason, while judging my life choices. Fucker.

He looked like he does now, but I this was the best "haunting" picture I could find.

In other entertainment news, R.E.M. will be playing a show or at least appearing with original drummer Bill Berry at some thing in Georgia. And the front page of the Sun Times carried tidings of Beyonce's birthday on what I can only hope was an extremely slow news day. Yet another Lost cast member was arrested on a traffic charge in Hawaii. And House kicked off its third season tonight, with him running eight miles on his newly (temporarily?) healed leg. Non-sequitur follows.

The word nix is the only word I can think of which is all but dead in actual usage, but still reasonably common in Pig Latin. If you ask an average waitron to "nix the toast" on your order, he/she will look at you in puzzlement. Say to the same waitron "ix-nay on the oast-tay," and he/she will look at you like you're nuts. But will not bring you the toast. Go figure.

Obviously this isn't important. I just think it's weird. Like how we call a run of a tv show a "season," even though they typically run from fall until spring. Whereas in Britain, they have much shorter runs (typically 6 to 13 episodes) which can easily fit into an actual season, that they call a "series." So now I'm back on England.

Off I go to bed. I wonder what Martin Sheen will be wearing tonight...

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CC2383 said...

Have you been drinking before bed? Maybe that's why the random blog and the strange dreams... just a thought, lay off the sauce for a while and maybe you won't have to dream of ol Martin anymore. Or if you like that kind of thing maybe he'll be nicer to you in your next dream.