Saturday, November 25, 2006

New music

In honor of my surviving three months of blogging, with well over 100 posts from two different continents, I have changed the music available on my MySpace page. OK, maybe these things aren't related. Here's the new stuff* you'll find:

The Moon Topples (demo): Figured some of you might like to hear the song from which this blog gets its title. This is a short demo, recorded in my friend Craig's living room moments after we wrote it. Craig is the one who can be heard calling me a "nervous Nellie" before the music starts. At some point in the future, I'll probably post a full-band version of this song, which is also quite nice.

On This: One of my favorite sets of lyrics, Craig wrote the music for this one as well. I think it was the only MOJ song for which I did not write the melody. I dig this song, and would have considered it for the blog-naming honor if only it were a better-named song.

Faithfully Dangerous: This is a cover of a song by Over the Rhine, a Cincinnati band enjoyed by most of the members who ever did time in Map of July. It was after a concert they gave in 1996 that the decision was made to actually start playing music. I put this song up for this reason, as well as it being possibly my favorite MOJ studio recording. This is also one of the only songs that stayed in the set lists for the whole time the band was in existence.

That's it. Hope you like the songs, and thanks for reading, whether this is your first time here or if you've been a regular for the past three months.

*None of the "new" material is actually new. Some of it goes back to 2001. But you get the idea.

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RhodesyDurant said...

I cannot believe you used to have Faithfully Dangerous on your Myspace where I could have snagged it and now you do not. **pouts** The unfairness of not having met you sooner abounds. Of course, November of 2006 was past busy, so I might've missed it anyway, but I'm just sick at heart now. Give it to the masses, but not to the people begging at your virtual shoes for the same. I see how ya are. ;)