Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Slow News Day

I'm gonna take a break today: do some housecleaning, take long walks in the freakishly warm air, play music way too loud while all my neighbors are at work. I might do a post or two later, but I feel like I need a recharging day after the rigors of NaNo.

So visit the blogs in the link section, listen to the new stuff on MySpace, catch up on the archives, type out long Google searches, watch House, or do whatever you normally do when I'm not around. Hope you all have a great day.

GSOTD: "werewolf syndrome pictures" - Thanks Dirk.

"my opponent is an idiot and i approve this message cartoon" - ?!?

"americans who like walking in england" - Well, I suppose this one applies.

"my friend is a werewolf what should i do" - Thanks again, Dirk.

Also: an apology not only to those responsible for the huge volume of hits I get for searches for "Two roads diverged in a wood," but also to the estate of Robert Frost. I was just trying to have a clever title for a post, not leech your web traffic.

1 comment:

Julia Buckley said...

enjoy your well earned rest.