Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The sound of my own horn

I received an email Tuesday night informing me that I have won a blog of the day award. Don't know what criteria they use, but it seems to be a nice system for spreading fuzzy thoughts around. I suppose I'll go nominate a blog for the same honor. Your reward is the code for the little thing I placed in my sidebar, and a little blurb with a link in it on their page.

When I got my email, it was 11:50, which only gave me 10 minutes to truly bask in the glow. Also, it seems that there were three winners today. So technically, I'm only one-third of the blog of the day.

Anyway, click on the little icon in the sidebar and go nominate someone for future consideration. If they're anything like me, they'll be touched.

I have also added a new tag for some of the posts I've done that I thought were better than my usual drivel. It's in the "Recurring Themes" area of the sidebar, under "Best of." These are either posts where I liked some of the writing, or where the story itself was more compelling than normal. If I missed one of your favorites, let me know and I'll pop it in there. If you utterly hated something I put in there, um, then I don't fully understand why you still read this blog, I guess.

Enough tooting for now. Happy Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

congratulations, both for being blog of the day and for completing the NaNo project...and the cartoon of the post after this? maybe whoever sent it thinks you can say anything better, even if it's a nothing to say sort of day...cheers!

The Moon Topples said...

tlpw: I kinda doubt that, but what a wonderful spin to put on things.

And thanks for the congrats. I weigh completing NaNo somewhat higher than BOTD, but I'll take whatever I can get.