Friday, December 01, 2006

When life tags your lemons...

Dirk submitted this idea for turning my recent tagging into something a little less likely to attract weaponry.

Does he have to be number 8?

So I guess the doors are open to turn the tag from my car (you can download the image from the previous post) into something "less gang-y" as Dirk puts it.

Submissions must be received by whenever it is I'll next be driving around. That's at least a couple of days. Winners will receive (in addition to the remote possibility that you've saved my life) their artwork displayed prominently on a vehicle in Chicago. Anything I get, I'll probably post here.

Or maybe I'll just give the winner my car.

Anyway, to kick off this challenge properly, I shall use the phrase Dirk used to send me the photo:

"Tag—you're it!"

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