Thursday, January 04, 2007

100,000 words

I was just talking to a friend about my novel writing, and mentioned that the target was 100,000 words.

"I don't even know that many," he said.

"Yeah, I may end up having to repeat some of them."

"He turned around," my friend offered. "He turned around again."

"He kept turning. He was, if you will, spinning. If you won't, he was turning around over and over."

"See? 100,000 should be no problem."

Thanks, friend. You've been a big help.


Erin said...

i am a bad blog commenter. i am here often, but don't comment enough... anyway, um, that's what this is. i have linked you. you mentioned it a while ago... you can link me back if you please. and, don't feel so bad. i have... 4,000 words for my, now dusty and moldy, novel.

The Moon Topples said...

Erin: consider yourself linked.

I've found that using a computer helps to prevent mold. Maybe you could try that.

Unknown said...

I liked your friends idea. Its easy to push up the word count that way!

Good luck in the race.


He Who Does Not Subscribe said...

Clever friend you have there. Really clever. Clever like a . . . very clever friend. A really clever guy.

What is my word count now?

Hope all is well with you, Boomer.

The Moon Topples said...

Liz: Thanks for the encouragement. Once I get my intro section done, I imagine it'll be reasonably smooth sailing.

HWDNS: No, the friend in question is actually quite an idiot. Sorry if I misled you.

Maybe I'll write a novel about a bunch of folks who are obsessed with their current word counts.

He Who Does Not Subscribe said...

You already have written about obsessing about word counts. Several times. In almost all of your posts.

And your friend is not only "an idiot" but "quite an idiot?" Wow. I hope he is not alerted to your blog or anything. I would hate to have someone call him and give him the address.

Yikes, Boomer.

He Who Does Not Subscribe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Moon Topples said...

Oh, I doubt he can read or work a Web browser. He's more or less just a shaved monkey.

He Who Does Not Subscribe said...

Wow you must really hate this guy

The Moon Topples said...

Well, I'm not alone...