Friday, January 12, 2007

Dayworker 2: The Rejobbening

I was just trying to think of how working on-site during the day will impact my life. I made the following lists:

The negative:

  1. According to my "supervisor," wearing pants at all times is mandatory. They say this is a dealbreaker.
  2. If I get bored, I can no longer wander off and catch a movie or take a nap. Unless I pretend to remember a "doctor's appointment."
  3. Going to bed at dawn will likely leave me quite tired. Apparently, they weren't kidding about the whole "daytime" part. They meant a.m. when they said "9 or 10."
  4. I shall have to leave the building to smoke.
  5. Probably cannot catch up on television shows while I am working. Likewise, I will have to wear headphones in order to listen to music at a freakishly high volume.
  6. Seeing another person unexpectedly does not necessarily indicate the presence of an intruder. I should make sure before calling the police.
  7. My cats will likely think I am never coming back. They will turn feral while I am gone.
  8. Cannot make googly eyes or practice juggling during meetings, as the others in the meeting can probably see me.
  9. Alcohol is for after work. They seem to find this important.
  10. The work itself is not any less tedious than my home projects.
  11. Garbage tornadoes in the parking lot/smoking area. I'll try to remember to take a picture of this phenomena for you.
The positive:
  1. I'll probably only have to make coffee if I finish the pot. No doubt I will be looking around for a cashier my first couple of times in the break room.
  2. Vending machines. I really should get some for my home, though.
  3. Running out of an essential work item does not mean I have to run out to an office supply store.
  4. Someone might hear the various sarcastic, witty things I say during the day.
  5. If I am there, even if they've run out of work for me to do, I am getting paid. My plan is to hide there for several months after the assignment is completed.
  6. Since I still have a fairly full workload at home in addition to the on-site stuff: if I complain about work, I'm not likely to get the eye roll I tend to get these days.
  7. Sometimes there is free food.
  8. Vitamin K, which comes only from sunlight, is considered essential for some reason.
  9. Getting a phone call at 2 p.m. does not mean I am being roused from sleep by a ringing telephone.
  10. I'll get to see some folks I genuinely like and haven't seen in a while.
  11. Garbage tornadoes. They're quite beautiful. OK, not really. But they tend to win the "my office sucks because..." contest when debating with people.
So it's a tie. Guess I'll show up after all.


Unknown said...

Good luck.

The Moon Topples said...


Julia Buckley said...

I know this feeling. I have to work in-house (which weirdly means 'not in my house but in an office') sometimes. Takes me a while to get used to not being able scratch my bum and fart whenever I feel like it, but I think it's a good thing to do now and then - if only because it makes you appreciate working from home when you go back that.

Have fun. It helps to take a cushion, I find.

The Moon Topples said...

So I apparently forgot "can't scratch bum and fart whenever I like" from my list. But is that a positive or a negative?

It's a smidge after 8 in the morning, and I am awake, so I feel like I've already done the hard part.

He Who Does Not Subscribe said...

So obviously you have some sort of weird love/hate thing with the garbage tornado. Perhaps that is the real draw, what is really bringing you back. Forget about the nice people, the free food and the scratching the bum part. Pulled in by the garbage tornado.

And for the love of God, yes, yes, wear pants.

Nikki Neurotic said...

Having a "real" job is over my personal opinion.

Liz Dwyer said...

I'm here at my desk working on a project, listening to some house music on my headphones...and two of my colleagues just offered to buy me lunch. Free food is definitely a plus.

If I'd "worked from home" -- I'd be heating up the carrot ginger soup from Trader Joe's.

Ms Melancholy said...

Mr Moon, you are clearly now a busy man which may mean that you are ignorant of the furore you have started on my blog on the Eurovision question. We may require arbitration. Good luck with behaving well at work. Not always an easy task.

The Moon Topples said...

They had cake! I was stuck in a stupid meeting and they had cake without me!

So much for my free food.

I'll try to write up my experiences a bit later.

Ms. M: I went and read and read and read and then I posted a comment. Sorry to be absent so long.