Friday, January 26, 2007

What Minx said...

I found this in Minx's comments section from my first time visiting her blog in November. I had never gone back and seen this, but it turned up in a Google search I did recently. It made me chuckle.

Minx is, of course, a friend of this blog these days. She's even in the linx.

"... And for goodness sake have a word with Moon Topples, will you?
If he wants to hang out with the English blogs then he will have to
get used to sarcasm and a life less literal!"


I fear she may have misjudged me a smidge.


Anonymous said...

I believe their may be a mathematical correlate that explains todays post. The degree to which one knows MoonTopples is directly proportional to the humor (perhaps unwittingly) inherent within Minx's comment.

MoonTopples getting used to sarcasm. Excellent.

Julia Buckley said...


The Moon Topples said...

ian: Seriously? You're calling me MoonTopples now, too? I've known you for something like 20 years. Learn my friggin' name.

Julia: Ha, indeed.

Caroline said...

I love Minx.

Anonymous said...

The thing about snippets is that they always look more meaningful or interesting or fun than the thing from which they were snippeted. Then again you can read what you like into a snippet and perhaps take umbrage. I like a bit of umbrage to help the day along.

F'r'instance, what's this stuff about "English blogs"? Or does Minx mean "British blogs"? Americans never seem to know the difference.

Does it mean we "English" are known for sarcasm? Surely not. And lack of literalness? My goodness. I'm literally gob-smacked.

Email SilverTiger

Pants said...

We play hardball Mr Topples - not literally, obviously.

Unknown said...

I admit it, I used the sarcasm gun and you didn't really deserve it (much). I could see that you were trying to be positive about me sister but she had a lampshade on her head and you have no idea how embarassing that is!
'That's so pants' is right, we are rude and sarky to those we like - be flattered!

I meant British blogs Silver T, slip of the finger!

And Ian, my humour is never unwitting. Unleashed, unfettered maybe, but I always witt on purpose.

The Moon Topples said...

Caroline: Me, too.

SilverT: I put a pinch of umbrage on my morning cereal. Makes the day go faster. A difference between British and English? Whatever do you mean? Sorry to hear you've been gob-smacked. I understand that wipes off pretty easily, though.

TSP: Not literally is understood, since "hardball" is a baseball term. You guys play cricket, is what you play...

Minx: No MoonTopples' were harmed in the making of this post. I just thought it was amusing as I have more often been accused of too much sarcasm. I've also been known to be sardonic.

It is true that I cannot fathom the depths of embarrassment caused by a sibling in a lampshade, and I can see now that you weren't lashing out at me, but in helpless rage at your sister.

As for being rude to folks you like, well, I have a friend who keeps a list on his desk of all of the terrible things I say about or to him. Sometimes I sneak into his office while he is away and add things to it myself, horrible things. And this is someone I consider a friend. If I didn't like him, I'd say nothing at all.

At any rate, I accept the apology that you somehow failed to include.

Anonymous said...

We have recently caught up with the Minx. You are right, she is totally without remorse about her sarky comments and puts it down to stubborn fingers and missing the last unicorn show.
A childhood of enforced gingham trousers and unsuccessful shoplifting has left her unable to utter the even the humblest of apologies.
On her behalf, Mr Tipples, we would like to tell you that the Minx is truly, truly sorry but unfotunately she is not.
She will no doubt continue to harass your blog, never uttering the words - "I am very sorry MT, you're a sarky bugger and I likes you".

The Moon Topples said...

Hmmm. Kinda weird how the AIA uses "sarky," a reasonably obscure British slang term meaning "sarcasm." And so does Minx! The proof is in the comments, ladies and gents.

Although the Brits will tell you it's in the pudding. Because they really love puddings.

Unknown said...

Only chocolate ones.

Anonymous said...

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