Monday, January 22, 2007

This quiz made me happy

I am:
Kurt Vonnegut
For years, this unique creator of absurd and haunting tales denied that he had anything to do with science fiction.

Which science fiction writer are you?

Obviously, I was thrilled with this result. I wouldn't have figured he'd even be in there, as his writing is mostly not really science-fiction, but there you go.


Caroline said...

OMG I couldn't even answer the questions. They were too difficult.

CC2383 said...

This is who I got... James Tiptree, Jr. (Alice B. Sheldon) I don't even know who that is. Although I don't think I understood all the questions.

basest said...

this quiz made me...perplexed. I "scored" some author I had never heard of whose nickname was "Chip".

Rick said...

I got Hal Clement. Hey cc, Tiptree wrote some very unique SF stories (not space opera at all). Basest, "Chip" is Samuel R. Delaney, who back in the 60s and later was part of the SF "new wave" (he took common SF settings and totally fucked with them, and the reader).

The Moon Topples said...

Caroline: That's strange, this was one of the only quizzes I've done where I couldn't see the outcome before I finished based on my answers. I thought the questions were fun, too.

CC: Never heard of that one myself. See Kyklops comment for some info.

Basest: Delaney's pretty good. I've actually read him. Didn't know his nickname, though, so once again a tip of my hat to Kyklops for results interpretation.

Kyklops: Any chance you've got nothing better to do today than pop by my blog every couple of hours and explain SciFi authors to us? We seem to be a little lost in this realm.

Ms Melancholy said...

I love these quizzes - am definitely going to retrain. I too am Alice B Sheldon - I like the sound of her.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Robert A. Heinlein.

I don't write science fiction, nor do I usually read it, so this probably means more to you than it does to me.

I've always loved Vonnegut, but don't consider his work as being of that genre.

I enjoyed the quiz, though. Most of the questions were interesting and had to be pondered a bit.

Anonymous said...

So I'm Philip Jose' Farmer, about whom the quiz says "This prolific author brings surprising depths to he-man adventure tales, and broke science fiction's prudery barrier."

While I haven't read any Farmer, in a rare coincidence, the one time I won a first prize for some of my writing that I'd entered into the contest, the prize I received was a Philip Jose' Farmer novel. Unfortunately, this being science fiction, the book was part of a series. More unfortunately, the book was not the first book in the series. I never read it. I may not even still own the book. Which I guess is a shame, since it was "A major prize!" as Mr. Parker would say.


P.S. - Congrats on being Vonnegut. How appropriate.

The Moon Topples said...

Ms. M: I can't wait to take the first quiz you write once you've retrained. Will it be "What Color is Your Superego?"

HinSF: I'm not a big reader of sci-fi either, but Heinlein is one I know. I was also impressed by the questions. They were way above the level these things usually take.

Ian: Haven't read any Farmer that I know of. I love that they gave you a book you couldn't read. Perhaps they assumed you already knew the series? Or was it sponsored by the publisher, hoping you'd buy the ones which preceeded your prize?

Plus, I should point out that there is a legitimate contest starting right here soon, and maybe you'll win first prize here as well. You can use your gift certificate to buy all the Farmer you want.