Monday, January 08, 2007

Where I do what I do (when I do it)

Kate expressed an interest in seeing the workspaces of other bloggers and writers, so I snapped a pic of mine. Caroline did it, and she' know...publishing (as is Kate, for that matter) so I figure it can't hurt.

The pic is a little deceptive. It's not normally this tidy. When I'm working a lot (and haven't recently rearranged the furniture) there is more of a tendency toward piles of crap. Also coffee mugs. And the walls and windows are not yellow, as this image would indicate.

No, that isn't me loafing in the chair. That is a cat. My closest colleague. He has obesity issues and a tendency to nap when there's work to be done. I end up having to do most of it myself.

Action figures, Advil® Liqui-gels, ashtray. Oh, and old Apple posters and plenty of Apple hardware, of course. Animal from The Muppet Show is peeking out from under my mouse. Those are the A's of my office, in case you're writing a primer.

Aside from when I blog or write or work on my laptop, that's where I'm sitting. This is my setting, when I communicate with you. And where I assemble some of the most boring projects on Earth. Sometimes I'd rather eat a broom, but I discovered some time ago that there's no reason I can't do both.

And yes, Jen and Lisa: the most boring projects in the whole history of human endeavor.

Jen and Lisa are my coordinators for these things, the journals and the textbooks which pay my bills and keep me in cigarettes. Apparently they are sometimes Bloglurkers as well. Since I have never met these people, I sometimes picture Wendy and Lisa from the Revolution, circa Purple Rain. I think they understand that I am grateful for the work, even if I was never very excited about their music sans Prince.

I make my living here. And then, when the work is done, I dream some here as well.

This is my office.


Caroline said...

Nice cat. Mine decided not to be in my ultra tidy desk shot!

The Moon Topples said...

Caroline: I was impressed with his ability to replicate the facial expression one gets in an office when someone appears and starts taking pictures. Sort of resigned, bored and slightly suspicious.

Rick said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and linking to me. I've added you to my list, and as soon as I've done some post-holiday catching up I'll be back to dig a little deeper into your blog!