Saturday, March 31, 2007

One thirty or so

One thirty in the morning and I just got home from work. It's as though the whole Dayworking thing has tried to take a page from my normal habits. Where they went wrong was in making me start the workday in the day, rather than the early evening.

I'm exhausted, of course, but kind of keyed up. Keyed up and more than a little vacuous. I was painfully aware of being incredibly voluble for the last few hours I was there, but unable to stop myself from chittering on and on about whatever inane thought floated into my head. I was a squirrel with language.

I kind of hate it when I get like that. Some reasoning, thinking part of me remains, and watches the rest of me with something like horror or disgust.

Pretty sure I talked for something like 20 minutes about the Beatles' failed audition for Decca records, just a few months before they did a similar audition for George Martin and things got moving. I even played the failed audition out loud in the room, talking about this track or that, or why Paul McCartney tried so hard to sound like Elvis, or how astounding it still is to me that George Martin heard pretty much the same performance and decided that he would hire them, but that they had to lose the drummer.

Oh, my god: I almost just did the whole thing again. Pity me, Blogreader. I am looping myself.

Now I am truly workled in the sense Anna MR (available in the links section) suggested: led by work to one's own doom.

We decided to stay as late as was necessary to avoid coming in on Saturday. We decided this about eleven hours ago. I think it was my idea. I figured that no matter how late I got home, I'd still pretty much have two days off before I had to enter the lair of the Worker to once more battle the project that is consuming so much of me right now.

Those two days sounded pretty good to the Workers toiling away on the same project. Those two days still sound pretty good. And so I slip away and hope for slumber, which I sorely need.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend, Blogreader. I hope it is filled with all sorts of lovely. I shall post something or other before too long.


Suzan Abrams, email: said...

Hi Maht,

...or why Paul McCartney tried so hard to sound like Elvis, or...

Did McCartney really? :-)
Have a splendid weekend.

Anonymous said...


If sleep deprivation facilitates the materialization of that awesome vocabulary, I say no more sleep at all! (Vacuous is such a nice word...People just don't use it enough; I use it in reference to my brain quite frequently...)

I get a little keyed up and csikszentmihalyi-flowish when I am really sleep-deprived, too.

Have a nice weekend to you, too.


nmj said...

ah, maht, i couldn't get your comments to open before, but now they are here, popped up quite the thing - just to say sorry you set your hair on fire and hope you are fine now and enjoying a sweet long sleep.

The Moon Topples said...

Susan: He wasn't half bad at it either, although I prefer his Little Richard. Ah, and now I detect the smiley-face.

Minty: Thanks, but I have no idea what that long word means. Are you toying with me?

NMJ: Glad to see you commenting again. I had begun to despair. The hair is extinguished, and I have rested for a period that was indeed both sweet and long. I was, in fact, still sleeping when you stopped by.

Anonymous said...


Umm.. Yes, I am so smart that I made up my very own twenty-lettered, hyphenated neologism. Let's keep working under that assumption, okay?

How crafty am I?


P.S. Csikszentmihalyi's Flow is a book about facilitating creativity and happiness by finding one's flow.

The Moon Topples said...

Minty: Ahhhh. Hadn't heard of it. Worth reading?

Anonymous said...


I read it for a class. I think I would recommend it more for the depressed than for the creativity-seeking. It's very self-help-ish.

If you are seeking a path to creativity, might I suggest trepanning?

(Only kidding...)


The Moon Topples said...

Minty: I know all about trepanning. Classified under "do not attempt at home."

Not necessarily in search of a path, (think I'm on one already, or hope so) but inspiration is never a bad thing. Doesn't sound like I'm gonna check it out, though. I tend to sneer at self-helpy books, even though I know they're a good thing overall.

Anonymous said...


I feel the same way about self-help books.

I don't know that I feel the same was about trapanning...

(That was a weak attempt at humor.)