Sunday, April 29, 2007

GBA something, something

I took some time off from the blog, Blogreaders. This was not because I no longer love you. I have not met a new blog; I am not leaving you. I simply had some stuff to work through on the novel, and it seemed silly to spend a lot of time blogging when I wasn't getting any proper work done. I suppose I was trying to punish myself, but the fact is that I did not have much to say.

I considered a post about a certain royal who wants so badly to go and fight in Iraq, in spite of the danger this would create for all of the soldiers around him. I thought I would entitle it "War is not an adventure camp, you petulant little snot." I thought about a writing a post to memorialize Bobby "Boris" Pickett, singer of "The Monster Mash," who died recently. I planned to call it "It was a graveyard smash... ." I thought of combining the two into a single post, entitled "It was a graveyard smash, you petulant little snot."

Aren't you glad I simply refrained from posting?


The contest has finished over at Clarity of Night. I was not among the winners, which (if I'm being totally honest) stings a little, but mostly because there were eleven winners. I suppose I hoped I had written a top-20% story.

Still, I am very glad to have taken part, and I'm still fond of my entry. Having absorbed the reality of not being a winner, I am strangely energized. I may take a break from the novel for a day or two and polish up some short stories to get in front of the eyes of the people who generate rejection slips (and acceptance slips, although I'm guessing I'm not there yet).

And, of course, we have the GBA(s)FC #2 starting at the stroke of Tuesday. The rules and prompt will be posted at or around midnight. Once you see that post, the contest is live, adn entries are welcome. Last time, there were 44 entries, and I'm hopeful that we can repeat that success. Any help in spreading the word is greatly appreciated, and I'm still accepting applications for jurors to help in selecting the Jury Prize.

I am thinking of making up a "Participant" badge for all the entrants. I almost did it last time, but couldn't decide if anyone would want one. Let me know what you think of this idea in the comments.

Anyway, I'm excited that the contest is starting so soon. All a-twitter. I hope you are, too.


Anonymous said...


I endured my first rejection-type event a couple of weeks ago (I was so sad that I didn't even post about it), so I definitely understand the sting of not placing in the contest...

Sorry about that... If it's any consolation, I liked you entry, and I think you are a really excellent writer.

I'm really looking forward to watching a go-round GBA(s)FC...


Unknown said...

Ho Hum, well I didn't win either, but hey ho it's like falling off a bike. Your contest starts tomorrow so I can get straight back on. They are quite different contests, so I'm quite excited about that. You've probably answered this but are the participants staying anonymous this time? I know you've said that you're opening up comments straightaway, but I liked the fact that the reader's choice was judged completely on the writing.

Yeah and that petulant little snot hey. I found myself reading snippets of the article out to a colleague who was 'very busy' on Friday and then screaming at the end of it because I was agreeing with a Tory (right wing) MP.

The Moon Topples said...

Minty: It only stung a little. I wasn't in it for the prizes. I'm all better now.

You could even enter the GBA(s)FC. Weird thought, I know, but you should consider having a go.

Ver: Yes, the entrants will remain anonymous until voting is closed. That isn't changing. Reading entries over at Clarity by someone I know, I found it a little more difficult to be objective. I think that—plus the authors themselves being responsible for almost all of the prizes—helps to keep things level.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that, but keep at it, dude (as if you'd quit - tsk).

I always enjoy your writing, even if I don't comment much. It's a silent appreciation kind of thing :)

I'll do a proper link to your contest once it has opened.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way. I thought I had a chance at something. Oh well. I really liked your entry, though, and I thought you were going to be in the top 5. At least you know a good amount of people read your story and enjoyed it.

Nova Ren Suma said...

Writing the novel should always, always win out. (Um, I say this as I am online typing out this comment to you instead of working on mine.)

I'm really looking forward to this contest! I didn't even know about it last time. It sounds like so much fun -- I can't wait to read all the submissions.

And good luck on your own submissions!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think a post calling the Petulant Little Snot a "petulant little snot" would have been very welcome, especially from a citizen of a country that was wise enough to get rid of its petulant little snots once and for all. I just wish we could do the same.

I am told that rejection notices and not winning writing competitions are Good For One. They stiffen the resolve, not to mention the sinews. Personally, I think that's rubbish. Looking at it objectively (and, by all means, let's look at it objectively), any competition you didn't win probably wasn't a very good competition, anyway.

Well, that's how I always look at it.

I hope this helps. Hm, probably not.

Anonymous said...

I liked your story, a great deal, Mean Tamples. It was an intriguing, wonderful piece.

DBA Lehane said...

"you petulant little snot"?! This notion seems somewhat harsh as well as lacking an understanding of the situation itself. The boy is damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. The simple fact is he, like anybody else who signs up to join the Army, has to do his duty. He is merely saying he wants to do it. I'm sure if he said he didn't want to go the same people would be moaning still.

The Moon Topples said...

Yellow: You are kind. Thank you. I still recall how touched I was at your response to "Mild at Heart."

Struggly: What I seem to have gotten out of it was that it was nice to be read by some new folks, but mostly that winning awards or even being read is secondary to me. The important thing to me right now is to write, and even if nobody reads, I suspect I'll keep at it.

SilverT: You've made me laugh. Thank you. The contest was fine, nothing wrong with it. There were an awful lot of stories up there, and I just got lost in the shuffle. I take my solace in the fact that my entry seemed to generate more comments than the others.

GT: Thanks. Since you were one of the few to have read it before submission, know that your comments were greatly appreciated.

DBA Lehane: Harsh, yes, but used here mostly as the set-up to a joke. The thing that had me so incensed was the notion that he would "quit the army" if he were not stationed in Iraq. I'm not sure how the Army works over there, but over here you are not allowed to quit the Army if your don't like the decisions made by a superior. I'm not trying to debate you, just trying to make myself more clear.

The Moon Topples said...

Nova: Oops. Sorry I skipped you. Scroll wheels are the devil's something something.

I'm delighted that you are thinking of joining in the fun. And, yes, the novel should always come first. Except when it doesn't, and then it should be percolating in the mind anyway. Or something. I seem to have left my eloquence in my other pants.

briliantdonkey said...

Hey Maht,

Just found my way here via Jason's place.I really like his contests. For what it is worth I thought yours was one of my favorites as well. I won't say it was THE favorite of mine(though I won't say it WASN'T either). Narrowing it down to just 5 was hard enough, picking just one I COULD do if I had to, but wouldn't WANT to have to. Anyways, prizes and such while they are nice, by FAR my favorite part of the whole thing is the blogs I will find my way to that eventually become regular(and even favorite) reads. Case in point.....This one. Off to read backwards some more.


briliantdonkey said...

BTW, looking forward to learning more about this contest of yours and reading the entries here as well.


The Moon Topples said...

BD: Your waffling about favorite entries has warmed my heart. I don't want to say its the warmest it's ever been, but I don't want to say it isn't.

briliantdonkey said...

Touche' BD