Sunday, April 01, 2007

Word on the street...

A look at what some other bloggers say about or to me in their comments sections.

I destroy things
"...Damn you, maht!...You ruin everything that is good and pure!"

MySpace and marsupials
"...You have caused my MySpace confusion... you have a tail and bandy legs? What are you? A kangaroo?..."
—Caroline at In Search of Adam

On self-doubt
"...Did you mean you never figured out how to like yourself, permanently?..."
Good Thomas

I scare people
"...I don't know whether I dare visit your place again..."
Anna MR

I am sensitive
"...I'm sorry I tortured you...It was a thoughtless thing to do ..."
Daily Straying

On dubious logic
"...I think that statement can probably be effectively challenged..."

Arch-nemesis or Blogfriend?
"...I swear to God that I’ll not embarrass you like this again, and that I will insult you with relish when our paths next cross..."
Periodic Englishman

My thoughts are tailored to suit
"...Thank you for your sartorial advice..."
—NMJ at Velo-Gubbed Legs

esac ym ni eurt yllaicepsE
"...Uoy reven wonk erehw rury rehtaf sah neeb..."
—Heart in San Francisco at Guilty With an Explanation

Big fake words about big real words
"...When you say "ginormous" do you mean that the letters are too big or that the blog spills over the page and you have to use a horizontal bar to slide across?..."
Shameless Words

I cried and cried
"...And for goodness sake have a word with Moon Topples, will you? If he wants to hang out with the English blogs then he will have to get used to sarcasm and a life less literal!..."
Inner Minx

Depends on the size of the microscope, and whether your hands are cold
"...People seem so averse these days to being put under a microscope..."
—Caveblogem at Pretty Good on Paper

Blogging by on my looks
"...It's a good thing you're adorable..."
—Ms. Baroque at Baroque in Hackney

I am insightful
"... Oh, Mr Moon, you have seen through my shallow words..."
—Ms. Melancholy at Confessions of a Psychotherapist

The market crumbles
".... I just couldn't work it out...I'm still struggling with the idea of how do you sell a blog? Like what exactly are you selling?..."
Verilion at A Wanderer in Paris

I spread paranoia
"...Maybe the helpful shop assistant had his own agenda..."
—Baralbion at airynothingblog

Teutonic tutelage
"...Maht, thanks for the umlauts!..."

"...Maht, you're just mean..."
—Chris from The Scottish Lemon

These are in no way taken out of context. Why would I take them out of context? Just to score some cheap laughs? Does that sound like something I would do?


Chris said...

And what about your modesty and humbleness ;>)

The Moon Topples said...

Yeah. It's kind of weird that I don't have any quotes from others about how tremendously modest I am.

The modesty, coupled with my almost overwhelming tendency to be humble, are what make me a truly magnificent blogger, and yet no one seems to talk about it.

Perhaps they are too respectful.

Oh, and I remembered one from you as well, and added it the post just now.

Chris said...

Did I say that? Oh my, I feel truly awful. You must have deserved it though.

You haven't posted any pics lately. I know you're probably busy but you've got such a nice camera (and such a god eye). Don't let it collect dust.

The Moon Topples said...

Chris: Yeah, I deserved it. I probably deserved all of the comments I've listed here, unless any of them can be interpreted positively.

I expect I'll be out taking pics before too long. Work wraps up in two weeks, and after that I'm free to roam more.

Weird that you take the time to mock me for my immodesty, and then say that I have a "god eye."

I can assure you that my eye is mortal.

Chris said...

You think I was mocking you? Did you not read my post about how I was choosing not to be sarcastic when dealing with different cultures? I am hurt. And I was too lazy to do spell check. But god has a small g so you're just one of the lesser gods. See above comment about your humbleness.

Anonymous said...


I'm such a bore. I wish I could have provided you with a more inspiring sentence.


Anonymous said...

You know me - I love quotes, especially those that are taken out of context and live and breathe on their own.

Hey, whatever I said there, I double it.

I seem to have a list at my desk of things that you have said about me -- that don't make me laugh though, they usually make me cry (proving that one quote you said to be true -- about your site being a portal for my anxiety).

The Moon Topples said...

Chris: America isn't a different culture. At least not so far as understanding one another's sarcasm. Your comment therefore stands in the record as mockery, as well as your relegating me to "lesser god" status.

Minty: And you were actually arguing that your own point could be deflated, not mine. I was just trying to include as many folks as possible.

GT: At least I've never said that you ruin everything that is good and pure. You know...yet.

And you never put the really funny ones on your precious list anyway. Just the short ones. Because you're lazy.

basest said...

I stand by my previous statement. I'm glad you've brought it over to your blog...I suspect you did it so that one of your faithful readers might disput its veracity, but I think that's going to backfire. However, I admire your bravery in being willing to expose yourself in this way. Perhaps this is some sort of cry for help, in which case, I vow to do what I can to help you with your recovery.

Caroline said...

Just wondering about the ordering of these quotes. Can I be between Ms M and PE next time ... just a fantasy that I'm developing ...

The Moon Topples said...

basest: I am under no illusions about my readers' willingness to defend me. I'll admit, though, that putting it up there makes you look worse than it does me.

Caroline: Next time?!? But, yes, I shall allow your fantasy to reach fruition should I gather enough insults to do this again. Provided PE ever comes back to the sphere. Haven't seen him anywhere lately.

Caroline said...

I know PE is in hiding or on the run or hiding on the run. The quote you've used from me wasn't an insult! It was a question in response to your comment ...

The Moon Topples said...

Caroline: I know it wasn't an insult. I stripped all of these of their context in order to serve my fell purpose.

Most of these people have never insulted me in any way.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the include. I shall speak with more profundity from this point forward... (Another weak attempt at humor)


Reading the Signs said...

No, no, I can't believe I am not here - have I really said nothing about you? Well I made a virtual wooden spoon for you. But on second thoughts that might sound a bit odd so yes, we'll just keep that one quiet.

The Moon Topples said...

Minty: No problem.

RTS: You've said things about me, but nothing I could misinterpret here on my blog. You're a little too precise with your language for that.

I haven't forgotten the spoon.

Rick said...

Teutonic tutelage...

Maht, the umlauts were nice, but I'm still waiting for my blond hair and blue eye...

The Moon Topples said...

Kyklops: The singular "eye" made me chuckle. But shouldn't your closing have been



S. Kearney said...

Oh all this exchanging is warming me cold feet!

The Moon Topples said...