Sunday, May 13, 2007


Just a friendly reminder for all the wonderful entrants to the GBA(s)FC #2. If you have not yet cast your ballot for your favorites, they are due Monday night by 11pm (Chicago time). I've already gotten a fair amount of ballots, but I just want to remind those who have not voted to please do so.

I sifted through the first round of jury votes tonight. I think it is a testament to the strength of the entries this time that 15 of the 25 entries received official votes from the jury. Many of them also expressed to me that they could have easily chosen 10 or more entries that they liked for one reason or another. It seems to me that, had I allowed them pick even one or two more, all of the entries might well have received votes.

Currently, the jury is sequestered and looking over the shortlist of the entries which received the most votes. They are so sequestered, in fact, that even they do not yet know who else is serving on the jury. I am looking forward to revealing them almost as much as I am looking forward to unmasking the authors at the close of the contest.

After the contest closes, I will be posting a sentence or two into the comments section of the fifteen entries which received jury votes. These comments will represent the opinion of one or more of the jurors.

That's all for this contest-update post. Just keep the votes a-comin!


Unknown said...

Well I'm looking forward to results and unveiling and revelations too.
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heartinsanfrancisco said...

I can hardly wait to learn who everybody is!

You throw great parties, Moon Man.

Anonymous said...

This was (is) a great contest Moonie Pie. Unlike some others, I love the anonimity, the comments/no comments opportunity. I love that people comment if they want, what they want. I am glad that anybody who commented on my story did so because they felt compelled to do so, not because it is their obiligation.

I only read all the stories in one fall swoop over the weekend, and was very, very impressed by the caliber of the writing (minus one, of course, mine). Wow.

Unknown said...

How do we vote?