Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nameless Lion

So, uh...

...I got a lion...

No, really. Look:

Just a lion, you say? Well, he's also representative of my joining the Shameless Lions Writing Circle. So far, we mostly write about lions. But, you know, circular ones. Great, round lions who've eaten far too much from what I gather.

So I am supposed to post my lion, and add him to my sidebar, and then compose a short piece about him. 48 words, max.

48 words?!?

That's not very many. Here goes:

This lion, bestowed on me by Shameless
Is long of locks, checker-clad, and Nameless
his outfit might set your eyes a-popping
his mangy mane suitable for mopping
I'm told that my pal will help my writing
to my relief: I thought I'd read "biting"

So, he's named Nameless Lion, and I guess that's all I have to say about my new furry friend. I've put him in the sidebar as well, but not so close to Bonto the monkey that he gets any ideas. He's under "Miscellany," which he tried to get me to change to "Miscel'lion'y." No deal, Nameless.

If you look at him in the sidebar, sometimes he gets excited and tries to escape his bounding box to say hello. Do not be frightened. He cannot get out.

Should you desire a lion of your very own, click here. They aren't all checkered, your know.


Julia Buckley said...

Yeah, keep it lion!

Unknown said...

There is more to this lion than first meets the eye. I have just noticed his toes!

Love the sidebar 'flash'.

S. Kearney said...

Oh, this is GREAT!! I like the popping out face ... and the graphics around it are top rate. I've added your poem to the main circle page. Keep roaring!! :)

The Moon Topples said...

Julia: Nice to see you again, although I'm not sure I know what "keep it lion" means.

Minx: Thanks. I'm fond of your adopted feline as well.

Shameless: So glad you approve. This is your show, after all.

Julia Buckley said...

me either, it seemed like a good thing to say at the time...

Sorry I haven't been around here much, the fascist filters on my web connect at home are blocking your site, so I'm afraid I'm a sneaky-peek-from-the-office only visitor at the moment.

Unknown said...

Oh very fancy Maht. I quite like the title Nameless suggests for the side bar heading.