Monday, June 18, 2007

My blurby thing for the novel racers

Liz Fenwick asked me for a blurb about myself and my current novel as a part of the novel racers experience. I am criminally overdue in completing it. Not being good at blurbs, I decided to do it as an interview instead...

Moon Topples: Let's play "Questions."

Liz Fenwick: How do we play?

MT: Like tennis, but we can only converse with questions.

LF: (slowly) Okay...I'm not sure you've explained it all that well.

MT: But you think you understand enough to give it a whirl?

LF: I suppose.

MT: I win!

LF: Well, we hadn't started yet.

MT: Hadn't we?

LF: (sighs) Would you like to tell me about your book?

MT: The one for novel racers?

LF: Are you working on more than one?

MT: Is that bad?

LF: Is that why you're progressing so slowly?

MT: Is that a dig about my word count?

LF: Are you a little self-conscious about that?

MT: Should I be?

LF: Did you know that some of us have already completed our first drafts?

MT: So I've lost already?

LF: What are you writing about?

MT: Are you asking for a plot summary?

LF: Is that how you've interpreted my question?

MT: During a game of questions?

LF: Would it hurt to try?

MT: It might.

LF: Ha!

MT: Dammit.

LF: I've won. Now go update your links section and admit that you are a culpa.

MT: Me? A culpa?

LF: I accept your apology.

Update: I have updated the links to include all of the Racers. In the sidebar, under "Novel Racers"


Unknown said...

So what's this novel racers thing all about? I think I might be really bad at your game, do you? Yeah, I'm giving up now, but it was a fun interview.

Anonymous said...

Too funny! I always enjoy your "interview" posts.

Unknown said...

Love it Maht, but I am none the wiser about you......will cut and paste so you are counted again among the novel racers :-) BTW You made me much harder on you than I would have been and if in my normal form I would have pulled out your whole life story especially romantic details or more if we were sharing a small tipple over while interviewing!

Unknown said...

A tough nut to crack. Brazil, I think - oh no that's going too near Puerto Rico again...

So you dye your river green - that's not very environmentally friendly is it?

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Quite Socratic... and clever, and funny.

I like that!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

heartinsanfrancisco said...

That? was? informative?

Unknown said...

Oh, mea culpa before I've even started! I am a failure at the questions game, total and utter!

Unknown said...

I think it was the best set-up for a good pun that I've seen in awhile - which may say more about my sense of humor than anything else.

The Moon Topples said...

Ver: Glad you liked it. Keep honing your Questions skills.

Struggles: Thanks. They are always so much easier than actual interviews.

Liz: Sorry to make you seem meaner than you really are. As for what a real interview might uncover, you'd be surprised how cagey I can be.

Cailleach: They assure us that the river dye is totally eco-friendly. Why would the city of Chicago lie about something like that?

WS: Thanks.

HinSF: L? O? L?

Minx: Well, with that attitude, you always will be.

Ian: Don't fret. It also says a fair amount about my sense of humor.