Friday, June 15, 2007

My huckleberry friend...

The ice cream truck has pulled up outside house, once again playing it's maddening medley. At the moment, it is playing "Moon River" for some reason.

It'd be a lot easier not to think of it as primarily a drug front if it showed up before ten at night, or stayed outside my building for less than 90 minutes. Still, they do have a decent soft-serve, and I once got a sundae from them that was pretty yummy as well.

Imagine how good the drugs must be.


Back out to the burbs today to return the new Mahtmobile my grandmother's car. Hopefully, it'll be mine before too long. My old ride feels pretty crappy in comparison, plus I'm terrified that it'll require me to pump some dollars into it before too long. Ah, well.


I am going to take my bicycle in for a tune-up next week, with an eye towards riding it to the lake periodically while the weather is nice. I used to do this more often, and lately I've just been feeling like getting out of my house more is a good idea. For some reason, I can spend all of winter inside and not feel particularly stir-crazy, but summer is something else entirely.

I could use some sunshine as well. I am as pale as a sea creature. Well, a very pale sea creature.


Spam mail of the day: although I did not read it, I was inordinately fond of the subject line "Humidify Bear," which showed up in the inbox of one of my email addresses today.


Chris said...

Moon River - I have memories of that song.

When I was a kid I would go over to our neighbours the Hogarths after school until my Mom & Dad got home. The Hogarths were a nice elderly couple, kinda sudo-Grandparents. They had one of those organs with the colour coded keys for those that didn't read music.

The music book that came with it had Moon River in it and you could preselect what kind of rhythm track you wanted (bosa nova, rock, waltz etc). I'd sit and play that thing with the head phones on so as not to disturb anyone else.

Moon River, Greensleeves, Send in the Clowns, I played all those cheesy tunes. I was a kid, hadn't developed my musical taste yet.

Rachel Green said...

Your drug-running ice-cream truck scenario had me laughing, thanks.

Unknown said...

Ms Leatherdyke (Rachel?) - last saw you and Jasfoup on Skintwriters blog. Seem to remember, as a judge, fighting for yer story to make the finals!
Nice to catch up.

And nice post, MT, and lucky you - my spam is trying to elongate my penis (again).

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Moon Topples,

Love Moon River, it's a staple in my favorite songs list.
Ice creamm is also a staple, I just had a very nice praline scoop in a sugar cone, and thinking about that just before I saw this wide eyed creatue with a gaping jaw gave me quite a transitional jolt.

Wide awake now, thanks.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

The Moon Topples said...

Chris: I only have some vague trigger of Pat Boone for the song (and now ice cream). Nice that it evokes something a bit more personal for you.

Leather: Glad to amuse, but I'm pretty sure they really do sell drugs in there. Just like in Grand Theft Auto.

Minx: Well, lucky and not: I only just recently bought a new bear humidifier. Why on earth would I need two?

Wanderlust: Sorry to frighten you, but the wide-eyed creature was intended to represent me and my pale flesh. I couldn't possibly have left it out of the post. Also, I have it on good authority that the fish in that pic is actually singing "Moon River."

Unknown said...

No he's not - he's just saying 'bob'.