Sunday, July 01, 2007

File under "birthday comma happy"

Six months from today will find us in the year 2008, no doubt tooling around with jet packs and flying cars. We are at the year's spongy midsection, where it has begun to show its love handles.

On this date in 1858, Darwin read his paper on evolution to the Linnean Society. Four years later, the battle of Gettysburg began. One hundred and one years later, both the zip code and "She Loves You" were rolled out to the public. Not too many years later, the Walkman was introduced on this day. And somewhere in there I was born, on this date in 1973. Don't even get me started on "Canada Day" which has plagued my birthday on calendars for as long as I can remember.

Thirty-four. I kind of miss the years where there always seemed to be some sort of significance an impending birthday. In the teenage years, each new number seemed to bestow some new duty or privilege, exciting things like driving and voting and finally being allowed to see all the "R"-rated films I'd been watching all along.

In America, at least, once they allow you to drink (at age 21) this is pretty much over. I think at 25 is when most car companies will rent to you, but that's about it for magical powers bestowed by virtue of age until 59 and a half, when the retirement fund I do not have can be drawn from without penalty. Demographically speaking, I suppose being in the final year of the 18-34s holds some sort of significance. Soon I will be less valuable to marketers.

It was this day last year that I made the decision to write. Will I epiphanate epiphanize reach some sort of big decision this year as well? I kind of doubt it. The decision to seriously try to write was a pretty big step down a path I don't see myself leaving anytime soon. I'll probably take stock at some point today, see where my first year of writing has led me, aside from the obvious boon of having this blog, and all the lovely friends I've made here.

I share my birthday with Willie Dixon and William Strunk; with Dan Aykroyd, Debbie Harry and Princess Diana. I very nearly share it with my good friend Ian as well, who was born about 12 hours after I was, and who will always (ALWAYS!) be younger than me, and should never forget that I am the elder and deserving of reverence.

Anyway, yeah, it's my birthday. Don't have anything big planned to mark the date. I'll probably just check to see if my driver's license has expired and call it a day.


Caroline said...

Happy Birthday.
You're still classed as young in the publishing industry until you're 35 and then you're old. So this year should and could be the year.

Have a good day honey.

Rachel Green said...

Happy Birthday!

Marie said...

Happy Birthday! So you're a Cancerian too. I shouldn't say but it's mine on the 6th.

Unknown said...

Jeez here I was thinking that I would leave a witty comment, but Caroline has just let it be known that I will be old in 30 days! Happy Birthday Maht. Apparently I'm going to The Great Canadian to celebrate Canada Day later today. I've never heard of it before, and it sounds a bit crap to me, but then I'm British and have to mumble whenever someone asks me my nationality.
Anyway good luck with the invention of the flying cars and here's to many more words.

basest said...

happy birthday, maht.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday.

Hey it's not all that bad. You can sing along to songs that have been revamped and younger people will think you're cool knowing knew songs.

You're at that 'mature age' where you're opinions are counted for but you're not too old to be thought of as set in your ways!

And if you want to feel young again read this. I found it a while ago.

Have a great day, it's YOUR BIRTHDAY!

Unknown said...

Birthday wishes for bright skies, clean underwear, cold beer, Sloppy Joes, syrupy pancakes and other weird merkan food. Oh and, of course, finished chapters.
We shall talk about reverence to your elders at another time.......

Chris said...

Ooooooh Canada, our home..

Sorry, couldn't resist as I'm currently in the land of Maple Syrup and Mounties.

Happy Birthday Maht.

Nikki Neurotic said...

Happy birthday!

The Moon Topples said...

Caroline: I just read about a guy who just published his first novel at 96. That's my new target.

Leather: Thanks.

Marie: Happy Birthday right back at you, then.

Ver: British people have to hide their nationality? They tell us to pretend we're Canadian when we travel. They recommended a Canadian flag somewhere prominent.

Basest: Thanya.

Sue: Ah, but I truly am set in my ways. I also do not understand that trash the kids are calling "music." I've always been a grumpy old man at heart.

Minx: Thankya for the underwear and food wishes. And the chapters. Always the chapters.

Chris: Say hello to Dudley DoRight while you're there, please. Or maybe Snidley Whiplash instead.

SilverN: Thanks much.

Joni said...

Happiest of birthday wishes. May it be a year of prosperity and more writing contests. :)

Vesper said...

I hope your birthday was happy and that it will return many, many times.
Don't be blase, you're on a great path. Think of you as if you'll always be 18 (or 21!)...

Unknown said...

It's not so much hiding your nationality as national reticence. Anyway after experiencing Canada Day can I just say that whoever gave you that advice was wrong, very wrong. Hope you had a good birthday.

Anonymous said...

A belated Happy Birthday, Mr. Maht in the Moon.

I have crossed off the mention of Canada Day on my calendar here at work, and it now reads "Mr. Moonies Birthday."

Happy Birthday Maht, and remember, you will always be WAY younger than me. (Still cringing at Caroline's comment of "You're still classed as young in the publishing industry until you're 35 and then you're old.")


Unknown said...

That's cool Maht, sharing your birthday with Mr. Strunk. Is he of the grammar variety - ie Strunk and White?
In any case, have a good birthday and I'm sure your epiphany will dawn on you slowly, as all the good ones do ;)

Unknown said...

of course . . . the older we get, the less being younger than you seems like a bad thing :>)

Happy birthday.


The Moon Topples said...

Joni: Yes, at least one fiction contest is planned, which will begin August 1st. Details will be announced soon.

Vesper: Thanks, but I was kind of an idiot at 18 and 21. I'll stick with actual mileage for now.

Ver: The idea is that people want to kill Americans, but don't seem to mind Canadians as much. Post 911 blah blah blah.

GT: See comment above about the 96-year-old gentleman who is now starting his second novel.

Cailleach: Yes, Mr. Strunk of grammar fame. The very same. I was kind of hoping someone would know who he was. As for epiphanies, I think I'll settle for slow revelations for now. Epiphanies always make me change everything.

Ian: So long as you revere me...

Liz Dwyer said...

Happy birthday, Maht and welcome to 34. It is a great year and I think I might claim it for a couple more years, especially now taht I know that I'll be an old writer in 6th months.

Anna MR said...

Hei Maht, sorry to have missed the actual day. Happy Birthday, hyvää syntymäpäivää. Hope your day was fab.

Getting older is vastly preferable to the alternative, Maht...


Wanderlust Scarlett said...

How in the world did I miss this? I was out galavanting around, I am sure.

Happy Belated Birthday, MT.

Hope that it was more fun than just reading your drivers license!

Deserving of reverence hmm? I'm going to have to remember that one.
That... and the car that was an unfortunate pink.
Such wit... this Maht.

Here's to many more years and pages to come.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore