Monday, October 01, 2007


Phoctober is here, bringing with it the changing of the leaves and a continuing of the oppressive heat of the previous several months. Not too bad this morning, but 85° again by Friday (that's 29° to centigraders) with varying degrees of too-warm-for-the-season in between.

So the idea here is for me to do an image post each day. Maybe a single image with a short explanation, maybe a bunch of related photographs, maybe a wordy post with image accompaniment. So long as I have a post each day with an image I have captured (either especially for the post, or at some time in the past), I will consider myself successful.

So far as others joining in, I have no set rules or much to guide you. This is largely something I wanted to do to get some images I like a bit of attention, and to get back into the habit of blogging daily. Maybe what we could do to make this more inclusive is some sort of link swap thingie. If you, as a blogging colleague (bloggeague?) do a post that highlights pictures you have taken, mention Phoctober somewhere within it and come over to tell me you have done so, and we can put up links to one another's efforts for that day. So if, say, Minx chooses to do something, she would link to that day's Phoctober post here, and I would link her post at the bottom of that day's Phoctober entry. I have no idea if other folk want to take part, but if enough of them do, maybe I'll make up a logo or something.

As nebulous as the above is, I am certainly open to suggestions. Drop them off in the comments or email me if you have an idea.

Welcome to Phoctober!


Unknown said...

Well it's certainly a month for new vocab; Bloggeague, I like that word.

The Moon Topples said...

Ver: Bloggeague. You heard it here first! Looking very much forward to seeing something Phoctoberly from you.

Taffiny said...

deary me, dreadful comment I almost went with.

Sameera Ansari said...

A pity I did not come across this concept at the beginning of the month.Better late than never,thanks to Absolute Vanilla!I happen to have 4 posts of this month,the pics of which inspired me to write them.I have linked them with Phoctober.

You can check them out and link back if you want to :)

Oct 2nd :

Oct 8th :

Oct 12th :

Oct 14th :