Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I was driving east, back into the city from spending time with my mother on Christmas, when I saw it, low on the horizon. It bobbed out from behind a building and disappeared before my brain could verify it, fat and orange.

Soon it appeared again, and stayed longer. It was what it seemed: a low, large, colored moon. Flushed, sullen, uncommunicative.

Like me, I thought. Low and uncommunicative.

Even as I drove, it grew paler and raised itself in the sky. Each time geometry allowed it to appear, it was a different experience. Once it hid unsuccessfully behind a water tower—almost white now, smaller, and weirdly beautiful.

Within the short drive, it transformed completely from alien planet looming angrily in the corner of our sky to our friendly moon, normal, soaring and cold.

Not like me. My transitions take far longer.

Besides, nickname and blog titles aside, I know I am not the moon. I have never even seen an ocean, much less changed it with the constant tugging of my neediness.

Gravity, sure. Or neediness.


Unknown said...

The moon has been particularly beautiful lately - it has an effect on all.

Taffiny said...

I never thought of the moon's pull on the tide as neediness. Just the natural pull and flow of different bodies of being.

Distance does not keep one thing from effecting another.

The moon, is up very high, far out of my reach, but still I feel the effect of its presence or absence, I feel lonelier when its light does not appear in the dark sky. No matter what shape or color it is, or however it places itself there. I like knowing it is there. I find companionship in such company.

I can not help but miss looking upon it, among the twinkly stars.

I know a moon's phase is beyond other's control, and must be left to its own natural rhythms, its own time.
You seem currently fixed, low and uncommunicative. As do I, standing, waiting, eyes to the sky.

I am very very pleased to have seen a glimpse of you. Thank you for peering out from behind a building, or tower, or some clouds, or....for peering out from wherever you are.

I do hope some day you see the sea. Toes touching ocean. Eyes setting themselves upon the horizon, scent of salty air, ears filling with the sounds of perpetual waves, gulls calling, children laughing. It's good music. I am sure the sea would like to see you.

The moon looks down upon the ocean, and the ocean looks up, reflecting the moon's glow.

If a peach could push a moon...

I hope you and your mother had a good Christmas.

Oh it seems I have offended one of your rules, that a comment shouldn't be longer than a post. I would apologize, but don't wish to be insincere.

very good to read you moon.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Moonie Moon. You ARE back, aren't you?

moonrat said...

yes, the moon is my home (who would have guessed). there aren't many of us moonrats but we're a charismatic bunch.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

I wish you a soaring, beautiful, communicative New Year.

Liz Dwyer said...

The moon was breathtakingly lovely last week.

Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

You have never seen an ocean? Can this be so?

As a Cancerian, I cannot imagine it because I number two oceans among my dearest friends.

Happy New Year, Moon Man. Wishing you all good things in 2008.

Reading the Signs said...

Mr. Moon! Perhaps you may be the moon if someone imagines you so - as I do (toppling but not fallen).

Happy new year.

Mellifluous Dark said...

Hello, Mr Moon. Like the post – made me smile.

Happy New Year – may this year's moons shine brightly and speak of many things.

Lane Mathias said...

The moon is strong. Happy New Year Mr Moon.

Mary-Anne said...
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Taffiny said...

A post has been removed by the blog administrator?

That means one is still around. :)

Unknown said...

Is the moon eclipsed? When will he shine again?

Mitch said...

Maht -
I enjoyed reading your post about the moon, I have some moon pics you might like to see:
Moon Photos

- Mitch, Daily Minneapolis Photographer

Liz Dwyer said...

Hey, it's a full moon right now in Blogland. Come back!