Saturday, February 09, 2008

A sort of writing meme

Minx is desperate for links (linx?). How else to explain her pouncing upon me within moments of my reopening the blog to tag me with a difficult writing meme. My blogbody was barely warm again. Oh, I link you, foul Minx, but I also have a surprise in store for you in the next couple of days. (chuckles to self) Get ready for some day-rueing, my friend.


On with the meme...

What is the last thing you wrote?

Clever to put this one first, so my answer isn't "the answer to the previous question." I wrote an email. Does that count? It had no symbolism, though. Very little conflict. Even the characters were crudely drawn.

Was it any good?
By what standards? It conveyed the information I needed to convey.

What's the first thing you wrote and you still have?
Hmmm. Bad fantasy stories from 8th grade, I think.

Write poetry? Angst?
I write poetry sometimes. I'm not sure what you mean by angst, though. Are you offering me angst? No, thank you.

Favorite genre of writing?
I seem partial to word writing.

Most fun character you've ever created?
Aside from myself? I find secondary characters to be the most fun, because they can go a little farther out.

Most annoying character?
Protagonists. They just refuse to do what you tell them sometimes. Also: characters with shrill voices.

Best plot?
I'm not particularly plot-driven. For me, it's all concepts and characters.

Write fan fiction?
For a writer's meme, you sure have included more than your share of sentence fragments. And, no. That story in which Mulder and Buffy team up to defeat the Borg was not mine. (shudders) OK, that's maybe unfair. I don't actually read fan fiction, either, so I shouldn't be saying snarky things about those who do.

Type or write?
Proficient in both. Is this a job interview? Am I doing well?

Ever go back to an old idea?
Absolutely. The current novel is the one I tried to write when I was 19.

Favorite thing you've written?
I'll answer this when I see a parenting meme that asks which child is best.

Do you show people your work?
Sometimes. I'm a bit weird about it, and it makes me terribly anxious, but I understand that it makes me better, so I force myself to do so, among a selected group of trusted folks.

Did you ever write a novel?
Yup. Did you?

Favorite setting for your characters?
Low. So they simmer.

How many writing projects are you working on?
I assume we can have the definition of "working" be somewhat fungible? If so, somewhere between three and ten.

Do you want to write for a living?
Makes sense, since I seem to live for the writing.

Ever written anything in script or play form?
Moon Topples: (to self) Nothing presentable. (sighs)

Five favorite words...
You have completed this meme.

Which character most resembles you?
Of mine? Uh, many of them, in the right light. Of other folks' stuff, I get Eeyore a lot.

Where do you get your ideas for other characters?
Is "people" a suitable response?

Ever write things based on your dreams?
Sure, but more often I get ideas when I am just on the cusp of sleep. I create much better if I am nearly asleep. Works for songs, too.

Do you favor happy endings, sad or cliff hangers?
What a weird question. I'll ignore the implication that there are only three ways to end something. The story goes where it goes. I suppose "sad" is probably the one I lean toward, but you have to give the story the ending it wants, or there is no point.

Ever written anything based on an artwork?
No, but a friend of mine said he might do some artwork based on one of my descriptions of a painting. Which is the opposite of what you asked, I suppose.

Are you concerned with spelling and grammar as you write?
I took out all of the superfluous "u"s from the silly Brit spellings in this meme. So I guess I am.

Ever write entirely in chatspeak?
OMG! No. lol.

Entirely in L337?
I made a calculator say "boobies" in third grade. I assume that counts.

Does music help?
With what? I understand it's handy for beast-soothing.

Quote something you've written.
"...there was no fan in the bear's head, and there should have been."


I tag Signs, because she told me to.


Reading the Signs said...

Argh! Mr. Moon, that was then! This is today and I'm not nearly so keen. Not that it wasn't hugely distracting and enjoyable to read yours and Ms Minx's, but - well, it's long, isn't it and, you know, a bit like work. Not that I'm lazy - well, actually I've just written elsewhere that I am lazy - bone-idle, actually. I'm changeable is what it is, artistic temperament, what can you do?

But where are my manners? Thank you kindly, Mr. Moon, and I will of course get round to it. In the fullness of time.

Anonymous said...

Your answer to "favorite thing you've written" is perfect!

Unknown said...

Foc (falls off chair). Great answers - she said smirking memishly!

Lane Mathias said...

Doing this meme almost finished me off.
You were sensible and kept your answers succinct.
Great stuff:-)

Taffiny said...

You are messing with us, aren't you?
Why oh why, should there ever be a fan in the bear's head?

Bit scary really, Mulder, Buffy and the Borg, how quickly that little visual came, how well I know the characters of TV worlds.

Favorite story (fav thing written)/fav child (of parent), very well put.

I love u's. Why are you so bent on removing u?

Oh and thank you for giving me one count I can rest assured on.

Just so you know, sometimes it is best not to leave me alone with my imagination.

And yes, it (spoons) was meant to sound a bit challenging...

Anonymous said...

Very funny stuff, Mr. Moon Slippers. I have read this a few times and I still charmed by your wit, as I often am.

Hope you are well.

Unknown said...

Nice to see you back, maht!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

*that* was very well done, had me snickering and rolling my eyes here and there. Thankfully, they are back in my head.

Quite enjoyed it, glad to see you back.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

basest said...

there should always be a fan in the bear's head.

Jo said...

You've an excellent nook over here! I really enjoyed the meme and my time spent acquainting myself with a fellow writer.
- Jo

Anonymous said...

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Liz Dwyer said...

I came over to see if you were still in blog abandonment and just laughed my ass off at the previous comment.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Oh, good. Somebody finally called those silly Brit spellings with superfluous "u's" as they are.

I mean, you're back!

Taffiny said...

most funny twitter, Moon.

Anonymous said...

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Taffiny said...


Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Where are you?

Come back!

Scarlett & V.

Taffiny said...

I keep thinking any day now, I shall stop by and die from shock, at the sight of a new post.

On the other hand, I have had trouble keeping up with my blog rounds, and this blog is really easy to keep up with.

Take care wherever you are Moon.
(I hope you are writing and singing)