Monday, October 23, 2006

I hate Comcast

Perhaps angered by my "regular blogging resumes today" comment on Friday, Comcast has decided to once again rob me of my internet connection for no reason at all.

It's been four months since I started losing service for an hour or a day, a weekend or a week, and I'm going to look into other services to replace Comcast. So I'm writing this in a coffeehouse while I catch up on email, send out some invoices, and research internet service providers. It looks like AT&T, who are already getting money from me as my phone company, have a package fairly comparable in speed to what I have now, but at a third of the cost. So maybe I'm reading that wrong.

My weekend was pretty uneventful. I am still sick, although I felt some promising signs of recovery yesterday, and spent a good chunk of the day out of bed at least. At least I'm not still in a hotel room 4,000 miles from home.

I had to shave part of one of my cats yesterday as well. This was not, as is often rumored, because I find it hard to get all the hair out of my cookware, but rather because he is now fat enough to be unable to groom himself properly, and he had some matted clumps near his rump, which could not be brushed out. He forgave me pretty quickly. I'm planning to put him on a diet in the very near future.

And this blog might be a bit spotty this week, as I sort out the internet thing. But my cat was able to forgive me for shaving his back, so I imagine you can all roll with it until I can resume more regular posting.


Anonymous said...

Hey Hey!

... And you know I'm not one to say this lightly or often... or even to throw around negative things... but Comcast sucks A$$ when it comes to customer service.

I had intermittent troubles similar to your description for over 7 weeks last year from before Thanksgiving to after New Years. Techs were out 7 times. I can't describe the horrible phone calls I went through. I actually at one point got so frustrated that I tried to refuse to hang up on a guy, figuring he couldn't really hang up on me. It would have worked, too, except that I could only last an hour and a half. I basically said, "Ok, welcome to my weekend. I'm going to keep you on one phone or another..."

In the end, other than a credit for the 'times of troubles', all I could get them to do for me for the lost productivity (for me AND Jenya who works out of the home) was equivalent to the same offer they give new cable TV subscribers (free OnDemand and such) for six months.

I'm so scarred by the whole thing, I feel so powerless and defeated, that I've let that 6 months go by and while I don't hardly use the fancy cable, I'm paying for it while I keep a copy of each latest bill on my desk intending one day to write a comprehensive letter to them complaining and demanding some sort of resolution...

Good luck and if you discover a trick or a good place to send a letter, let me know...

Oh, and I hope you feel better...


p.s. This Saturday night at the Empty Bottle, my friends, the Detholz are doing their annual Halloween show, The Jukebox of the Dead. It's also their record release... I promise they're worth checking out.

The Moon Topples said...


It would be nice to try to make your comments shorter than the original post. Still, it's nice to know others have had problems.