Tuesday, February 06, 2007

GBA(s)FC Entry #21

My Concession
by Bartholomew Theodore

Revelation, I tell ya. That’s what it was, brother, when the stones finally fell from my eyes.

They were insistent. Persistent. So convinced and convincing. They got me on their fourth visit.

I was just a poor lost soul, seeking meaning, seeking purpose, searching for a whole point to my daily grist and grind. I mean, if there isn’t one, then why bother, huh?

Wonderous missionaries. Offering explanations, carefully deflecting words, batting away questions with glib, practiced ease.

They showed me the Word. A book of them actually. Answers within for everything. In the Beginning to foretelling the End. Complete. Profound. No need for thought, it was all there. It has all been done before, all temptations previously offered, every angle covered. Here, they said, in our book, are the answers to all your questions.

It’s so perfect, once you know. The world becomes a new and glorious place, seen without all the lies and abominations that issue from other people’s mouths. Strip away the falsehoods, see beyond what they say, see what they don’t say. It’s all there, you just have to be able to see it.

Thank God they found me. I shudder to think of how I was, a blank page, waiting for someone to write on me, compose something with me. I could have been anyone’s. I was merely there for the taking, making or breaking. Putty in their hands.

Those television advertisements. They were the first falsehoods exposed. I spotted one, then countless others in a constant stream. I switched the damn TV off. Chopped the plug. Threw it in the trash. Get ye gone, foul evil!

Then the radio. What do you mean, you can’t hear the lies for what they are? It’s insidious, drip by drip. No more lies, for I have seen the light! The radio followed the television into the bin.

And the newspapers … tell me how you can actually rely on their ‘truth’. Security in the written word. Authority wrapped in ink. Ha! Once you know the the REAL Word, you can see through it all. Believe me.

They’re booked to have their final, blessed meeting with me tomorrow. They’ve promised to give me the works. Everything! I can’t wait to visit with my mother afterwards, to share with her this brilliance that has finally entered into my otherwise useless life.

So, people, believe me when I say the Word. Take it in. Breathe it, my brethren. Feel it caressing your skin and revitalizing your soul.

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Anonymous said...

Bartholomew, you got a 2nd place vote from me. The twist at the ending took me wonderfully by surprise!

Anonymous said...

I loved the urgency on this one, the immediacy, the lyrical flow. Very nice piece.