Tuesday, February 06, 2007

GBA(s)FC Entry #23

by Noosa Lee

My room has a ceiling, corners, walls, windows and a door. It is a mystery to me how I know this as I do not know these words. Pillow, cot, bird mobile, Fisher Price hanging sensory learning toy (it lights up and makes a noise if something called a parent presses a button on the end of it), hypoallergenic teddy. All these I can distinguish. Funny word that, distinguish.

I can rank them by favour. Cot I’m not so fond of. It has bars which seems bad. Mattress I could take or leave. Door I like when it is open but not so much shut. The light is better on than off. Windows are fun because there is always something happening on the other side. Bird mobile is interesting only when it moves. Fisher Price hanging sensory learning toy is useless without parental intervention. Teddy can do no wrong.

Four walls, two windows, one door. There are five birds on the bird mobile of varying sizes. I do not know how I know this as I cannot count. I look at one, then the next, until I get to the last one. Sometimes I point at one specific bird on the bird mobile, usually when a parent is around so they can see that I can see it. ‘Yes’, the parent will squeal gleefully. They know I can see what they can see, I am sure of it.

The Fisher Price hanging sensory learning toy has seven animals. Elephant, giraffe, zebra, tiger (my favourite, is in the middle), lion, rhinoceros and hippopotamus. I do not know how I know these are animals, I just do. They each make a distinct noise, mostly a variation on the sound a parent makes when it is sleeping. A sort of gurrrinnngggg sound if that makes sense.

The ceiling is white. Two of the walls are blue and two are cream. I do not know colours so how I am able to describe them is beyond me. On one of the cream walls there is something called a rainbow. It has seven colours you can clearly see. They are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. There are many other colours. Some are nicer than others.

No parents or brothers or sisters or dogs or cats, yes I know about them too, are awake yet so I am the only thing moving. I cannot make all of me move. Legs I can kick and arms I can wave about and fingers I can open and close. But I cannot waggle my toes. I have tried. There is also I suspect, a part of me that I cannot see. I call this part ‘head’. I can move it but cannot see it. Funny, because I can see the heads of parents, brothers, sisters, dogs, cats, Fisher Price hanging sensory learning toy animals, bird mobile birds and hypoallergenic teddy. This is some learning curve. Just as well I have nothing better to do today.

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