Saturday, August 26, 2006

Conan O'Brien loves my blog

I was flipping channels and caught Conan O'Brien on Charlie Rose. I'll admit that he didn't mention my blog specifically, but while talking about hosting the Emmys this weekend, he mentioned the week of shows he did here in Chicago earlier this year. Nothing all that strange yet.

While he was talking about being in Chicago, they showed a clip of one of the shows he did here, where he was interviewing John C. Reilly. In Chicago. Much like my first post.

Showing that the same post was still on his mind, he talked about what it was like being a writer for SNL, which is where Horatio Sanz works, a man who is also mentioned in the post.

Then Charlie Rose asked him about what tv shows he likes, and he started raving about House, M.D., and how good Hugh Laurie is. He just went on and on, thus proving he had continued reading what I was posting.

Coincidences? Oh, I think not.

I wasn't in the room for the whole show, but I'm guessing they taped it Wednesday or early Thursday, so he may not have gotten to the subsequent posts. I'm sure he'll mention astrology, the internet and employment during the Emmys on Sunday.

So thank you, Conan O'Brien. I'm a fan of yours, too. Keep reading.


Anonymous said...

Love the image in the "My Life Is Hard" post. Is that an assembly line in Michigan perhaps?

Yeah, I agree, that Conan OBrien reads this blog, it seems really obvious. Maybe he has been commenting, anonymously. As a matter of fact, it seems like he is in midparagraph in that photo.

David (not Conan)

The Moon Topples said...

nice try...Conan O'Brien!!!

How strange that "anonymous" would sign using one of the only names I've mentioned in my blog, and then make a big deal out of not being Conan.

You fool no one. No one!

The Moon Topples said...

Also, to prove you read this, Conan:

During the Emmy telecast, make a joke about a celebrity or tv show that I like, and I'll know it's been you.

Not that I'll be watching the Emmys, but I'll read about it afterward.