Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Baby, you're a staaah!

Sony has a sequel to 2004's The Grudge coming out soon. I saw the first one in the theater with my friend Craig.

While it's nice to see this girl getting some more work now that they don't make a lot of goth videos anymore, there wasn't a lot in the first Grudge that cried out for a sequel.

It was a little fun, I'll admit, to make the creaky noises the monster or ghost or whatever made for a couple of days after seeing the movie.

And the word "grudge" is kinda fun to say, even if it does lend itself to sentences delivered in a shout by professional wrestlers.

The first movie was basically a series of people walking into the same room in a house in Tokyo and pretty much never coming back out. I recall, in the first couple of minutes, a woman entering the room and investigating a strange noise. As she climbed through a trapdoor in the closet which led to an attic (the apparent origin of the aforementioned creaking sound), I leaned over to Craig and whispered "don't worry, I'm sure she's gonna be fine." And I don't think I'm exaggerating to say that comment was the closest either of us came to having a good time until it was over and we were sprung from the cinema, scratching our heads. Craig may disagree, but he never posts here, so I'm probably gonna go unchecked on this one.

It was so bad that I can trash it without even mentioning how much I hate Sarah Michelle Gellar.

I don't even remember it being scary. And yet, IMDB tells me that the sequel was greenlit (greenlighted?) a mere three days after the original opened. Were the studio honchos maybe waiting to see it until the theaters would be less crowded? Or was it simply a matter of the money it raked in?

Look for a similar post in early autumn 2008, just in time for the release of Grudge 3.


CC2383 said...

I can't believe they're going to make another one. The movie was stupid, but I still think it was creepy.
I can't believe you don't like Sarah Michaelle Gellar, or SMG, didn't you think she was brillant as Daphne in Scooby Doo or as Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

The Moon Topples said...

no, i did not. she irritates the crap out of me. don't know why. she just does.