Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Beaten to the punch (300,000,000 times)

It's been brought to my attention that my Popeye joke was also done on every other site in existence. It's not like I was thinking it took a tremendous mental leap to link Popeye to spinach, but I guess I should have looked around to see what else was out there before leaping in myself.

In my defense, most of the things I came across when I did a search just now had Popeye being killed by the spinach. Which ignores his ever-present can. If they really wanted him dead, it wouldn't have been hard to pop in a sentence about how he switched to fresh spinach as he got older or something. An awful lot of them seemed content merely to mention Popeye, spinach, and E. coli, without bothering with a story.

So I think mine's definitely not the worst one out there, but I apologize for the redundancy. I'm sure there's a ton of Willie Nelson jokes out there, too.

And it's possible that someone else previewed the fall television shows as well. Or reviewed iTunes 7.

Overlap is unavoidable. So, when I overlap or repeat some played out joke or idea, at the very least you'll be getting my take on it. And if, in your travels, you come across something similar to one of my posts that's done well, send it to me and I'll link to it in the comments of my post.

At least you can't get sword-in-a-gas-station stuff anywhere else. OK, yeah, you probably can.