Monday, September 25, 2006

Everything's coming up Georgia

When I created this blog, there were choices to make. Where to host it, what sort of content to include. And then little choices: templates, backgrounds, feed options and loads of other stuff.

While customizing my template, I discovered that there were only a handful of approved fonts in which I could publish. The one which seemed to have the most elegance (and essentially the only serif) was called Georgia, which is the font I still use.

Uploading my carnival pics last week, I started a page at flickr to house my images, and realized that I had a bunch of digital images on my hard drive from last summer's road trip that I could post. My destination on that trip: Georgia.

The textbook I'm currently working on arrived late last week as well. With the exception of a few small specialty pieces, the entire three-book series uses only one font: Georgia.


Plus yesterday I ate a peach. I bet you're covered in goosebumps right about now.


CC2383 said...

what other fonts do you like?

The Moon Topples said...

well, I kinda like optima, and I...hey! You're making fun of me!