Monday, September 25, 2006

Maht is freaking out

The weather on Saturday would have been perfect for lying in bed all day. Stormy, dark, chilly. I would have liked nothing more that to lounge around thinking my banal little thoughts. Letting my mind fold in on itself again and again until I was forced to write a couple of terrible poems and then go for a walk. Maybe do some asinine blog posts. Or read a book.

Sadly, though, I had work to do. My entire weekend, in fact, I did pretty much nothing else. Work, work, work. Far too much work.

The image which accompanies this post is called "I Am Never Going To Work Again," from (link in the sidebar).

I'm gradually coming to realize that I cannot possibly finish the project I have contracted to do before my departure for England. Not without postponing my trip a couple of days so that I can take care of all the other stuff I need to do before I go. Which would cost me a fortune, and which I am not at all willing to do.

Craig points out that they got the project to me a month late (and that I was wildly free when it was initially supposed to come), and he also got me to admit that I have never dropped a project before. I've blown the odd deadline in the last couple of years, but I don't think it was ever by more than a day. So theoretically I've got some goodwill banked. My hope is that if I fail to complete it in time, at least my other work for the company will still be secure. I just probably won't get any future textbooks, a prospect with which I could certainly live.

I never travel, and I recognize that it is simple bad luck that this shows up just as I'm readying for an extended trip abroad. Still, the workaholic, perfectionist professional in me (never as dormant as I'd probably like) is really struggling with all this.

Anyway, that's my current dilemma. And also why I haven't been posting much the last couple of days.

Just one more week to go, and I'm gone.

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