Monday, October 16, 2006

I have nothing to report

Woke today with a fever and headache, both of which proved to be persistent.

So I didn't really go anywhere, see anything or think about much today. I mostly read a book.

Essentially, this is just my way of saying that there's no post today.

I walked by a pharmacy and learned that in Britain they apparently call flu shots "the flu jab." Which seems to me to teeter on the fence between horrifying and adorable.


Suze said...

I hope you get better soon. Kick someone in the ass. That always make me feel better.

Anonymous said...

Hey, hey, look at me -- reading your posts!!

And I picked a good one to dive in with. I love this post. It made me laugh, it made me think, it made me reach out to long-lost relatives.

Hope you are feeling better, mate.


Julia Buckley said...

Hope you feel better soon!