Saturday, November 18, 2006

A brief NaNo update

I thought pretty seriously about taking today off like I did yesterday, but it occurred to me that if I did, I might not return to it for a while (or, you know, ever), so I forced myself to sit and write. The first couple of hours were about as fun and productive as if I'd sat there trying to make my hair grow.

Eventually I got some stuff down, and if I can write 1,400 more words by midnight, I'll actually be at the target word completion for the first time ever (30,006). Then I can take Sunday off and fall behind again.

The word counting bot in the sidebar continues to perplex. It is now running backward on its computation of the daily word requirement. At the time of this writing, it says I should have 13,458 words completed to be on track to finish NaNo in time. So now, November would have to have more than 60 days. It's the simplest one they have, though. No sense ditching it now.

The typewriter in the picture is an awful lot like my old Underwood, except mine had black keys. I kinda miss that thing.

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CC2383 said...

Keep going! I wanted to let you know that you inspired me to start writing a story myself. I can't be involved in the NaNo thing because I don't do well with creativity when forced into it. But none the less you keep writing and I will too. Good Luck!