Friday, November 10, 2006

Poet slope month

My friend Micah is officially the first to submit a new banner for the site. I am highly amused. He gave me back my old purple hair, and provided me with my very own graffiti tag, which I will begin spray-painting on buildings throughout Chicago, starting tomorrow. I don't know why I'm dressed like the Fonz, but I don't think I've ever been cartooned before, so it's all quite flattering.

He also seems to have captured my content pretty well, what with the "Blah, blah, blah" screened behind my cartoon into infinity.

So thanks, Micah. And for the rest of you, feel free to do a banner of your own. As you can see, I really will put it on the site.

I also got a response to my dropping the possibility that I might explain the blog name. Rich thought it might be an anagram, so he entered "The Moon Topples" into an anagram finder, and got 500 responses.

My favorites include "Top motel phones," "Thompson eel pot" (available at K-mart) or "Honest poem plot."

There's probably all sorts of fun to be had there.

Anyway, it isn't an anagram. "The Moon Topples" was the title of a song I wrote with my friend Craig a few years ago, which is more or less about a guy who is so self-involved that he fails to notice the apocalypse because he's going through a bad break-up. It seemed an appropriate theme to publicly publishing the messy little idiot thoughts I have for all the world to read.


Welsh Malt (oops, I mean What Smell...)


Anonymous said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Sorry to make you look like Fonzie (My cousin's name is Fonzie - no lie!). Apparently, many Samoan immigrants were so enthralled with American culture that they named their children after their favorite icons (One of my high school buddies was named Butkus, after Dick Butkus - again, no lie!). Luckily, my mother was enthralled with the Bible and named me Micah. Whew!


I was going to illustrate something on the T-shirt, but as my luck has been of late, I came up short. I'm glad you like it and thanks for putting it up so quickly!

Oh… Happy 101st post!! See, I didn't forget!

The Moon Topples said...

Maybe now that I'm Fonzie, I can hit a jukebox and it'll play Craig's version of "Blueberry Hill."

The Moon Topples said...

Also: Ayyyyyyyyy.

Anonymous said...


I like Your new banner very much. Micah has set the bar pretty high and I'm not sure I could top(ple) it.

I couldn't help but think that, as Micah said, the Samoans were so enthralled with American culture, that the whole Fonzie-jumping-the-shark in Hawaii has put His Fonzness into some sort of super-human status with all Polynesians. Hence, the Fonzie outfit on your cartoon. I bet if we looked in Micah's portfolio, we'd find that he draws everyone with a Fonzie jacket and white t-shirt.


The Moon Topples said...

Dirk: I expect you're right. Now I'm wondering mostly why my chin is so big and why I look so scowly.

And you may have noticed I have the facial hair of another beloved icon: Shaggy.