Saturday, November 04, 2006

Testing, testing...

So I was goofing off today, surfing the waves of the internetwebs, when I came across an IQ test. I did quite a bit better than I thought I would, especially since I've kind of assumed that any intelligence I used to have has been slowly leeching away through my exposure to television, and the gradual, uh...dumbening of...I mean dumbifying...ication, and...something or other.

Anyway, I figured they pad the score somewhat, since they're looking to sell you "complete test results," and it doesn't seem likely they'd get a lot of takers if they weren't telling you what you want to hear. So, in the interest of science, I paid them their filthy money so I could look at the results. It looks at least sort of on the level, although it seems like each question must be worth a tremendous amount of IQ points, since it turned out that I only missed one question out of 57. Having given them a little bit of money, I was now eligible to take additional tests and quizzes for free. For free!

I took a career test, which told me I am suited to be a writer. I took a "subconscious" test, which told me I am secretly thinking about my love life. The "fear" test told me I'm afraid of "moving forward." The "values" test told me I'm a responsible friend, whatever that means. The relationship test said I score quite high in most areas of relationships, which was a surprise to me (and would also be news to anyone who's ever witnessed me in a relationship).

Did I learn anything about myself? Well, no. I suppose I did not.

Was it still better than the work I was supposed to be doing instead? Why, yes. I suppose it was.

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