Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Grimble from the Moon Topples

I'll likely still be posting betwixt now and the 25th, but for those of you who tend to read me at work, just thought I'd officially wish you and happy something.

So, happy something. I hope you fish your wish.

Blogger won't let me post pictures today, but if you do a Google image search for "weird Christmas Turtle," you'll see something like what I intended.


nmj said...

Have never heard that expression, Hope you fish your wish.

I love it!

Hope you fish yours too.

Liz Dwyer said...

I'm one of those folks that'll be posting between now and the 25th...but hope you have a lovely holiday as well!

Sebastien Millon said...

Hope you had happy holidays! I've finally gotten around to reading some Poe, very awesome! My favorite so far is probably the Black Cat, but there's so many great stories... I like how he leaves a lot to the imagination.