Thursday, December 14, 2006

Spider-Man tired of typecasting

After his success playing himself in the two recent Sam Raimi-helmed films about his life, super-hero turned actor Spider-Man is looking to branch out into dramatic roles.

He's appearing in "The Spidey Cycle," now through January 13 at the Westerton Playhouse in Los Angeles.

Spider-Man sat down with The Moon Topples at a rehearsal for the showcase, which he hopes will draw producers and casting directors to take a fresh look at the costumed hero.

MT: Great to meet you, Spidey. Big fan.

SM: Thanks, kid. (lights a cigarette)

MT: So why the shift? What's changed?

SM: Well, you know, it's great to play myself and everything, but I've been taking some workshop classes and I feel I can do so much more. Right now, they even have that kid from That 70s Show playing the "Peter Parker" character. I only get screen time when they want the character in the suit. Plus I gotta do all the stunts. They'd cost a fortune in CGI.

MT: Actually, the actor playing your alter-ego is Tobey Maguire. The guy from TV is Topher Grace. Two different, somewhat bug-eyed actors.

SM: Whatever. I don't really watch the movies, you know? They're a little too cartoony for my tastes.

MT: So what kind of films do you like?

SM: Period pieces, mostly. I like subtlety and drama.

MT: Hard to see you in one of those.

SM: You're not alone. That's why I'm doing this showcase.

MT: But you wear a costume...

SM: Yeah. And that's gotta stay, but I can revamp the costume for different time periods. I could totally do Victorian.

MT: Okay...

SM: And that kid, what'd you say? Tophey? Toffee?

MT: Tobey.

SM: Yeah. Tobey. He's in Seabiscuit or whatever. Brokeback Mountain? The point is he's getting work, people take him seriously. I've been famous for better'n 40 years, but nobody's yet taken the time to get inside this (knocks on head). I'm complicated.

MT: I watched the rehearsal. Why did you choose these pieces? A Few Good Men? Shawshank Redemption? Death of a Salesman?

SM: Well, A Few Good Men, obviously, that's my tribute to Jack. He's a good friend. I stayed with him and Angelica [Huston] a bunch in the 70s. And Shawshank Redemption is my favorite movie. I totally stay in when that's on cable. The Salesman thing was my agent's idea. He wanted something "stagey."

MT: Fair enough. So what's next for you?

SM: Well, I got another "Spider-Man" movie coming up. And after that I'm hoping to really get my career going. Maybe a nice villain part.

MT: And if people have trouble seeing past the costume?

SM: Screw 'em. I'm gonna give it a couple years, and if nothing turns up, well, I've always wanted to direct...


Unknown said...

If I was writing that introduction of your blog today this post would have been included - I love Spider-Man! Thanks yet again for the laughs...

Anonymous said...

Nice photography of the actor. He seems, well, a little plastic somehow. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

The Moon Topples said...

Zorak: There's no law keeping you from turning your blog into a celebration of my blog.

Otis: Yeah. You should hear his Nicholson impression. Terrible. Plus he chose to do the "setting up the library" scene from Shawshank. Turns out he's really limited as an actor.

basest said...

I have nothing clever to's all been said...but this is damned funny. Thanks for the laugh, Maht.

Liz Dwyer said...

You are so good that when I first started reading, my gullible self actually thought for a second that I should check out this showcase. What can I say? It's been a long week.

You should do Batman next.

The Moon Topples said...

basest: I'm a little sad that I did this post because I had nothing to write about. People seem to like it, though, and that cheers me right back up.

Liz: I heard the Westerton may close the show early to make room for Ralph Macchio's Twelfth Night. So you should catch it soon.

I would totally do Batman (he'd be my favorite of the super-bunch), but they don't make a "super-poseable" version. Trust me, I looked.

briliantdonkey said...

Being new to your blog, I hadn't seen this one until now. Dude he can soooooo do the Shawshank scene!
Thanks for the laugh.


Anonymous said...

Don't know how I missed this post. Brilliant and hilarious.

The Moon Topples said...

BD: Being new to this blog, you likely didn't even know that I used to do funny posts in the days before I got all full of myself. (tee hee)

Struggly: I know exactly how you missed this. You never came by until I started offering cash prizes on my blog. No hard feelings, though. And thanks for the compliment.