Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday morning haiku: Feb 26

All going nowhere:
That car, that soot, that feeling,
Until the ice melts

This week's haiku is more or less a combination of the two previous posts.


Cursed Tea said...

I am SO jealous of your camera - I lie awake at night dreaming of owning one!! I have an SLR canon EOS 500 - but one of the really old fashioned ones from the dark ages - you know it takes FILM!!! But my lens is bust and I need to buy a new one... sigh.
I like your blog - I found it through longayelander - I especially like your layout. You should consider starting a chocolate bar with the same design!!
Enjoy taking photos and the snow (I'm living in N'awlins - although I had 6 years in Ohio too - and I'm scottish - and down here in Louisiana it is about 72 right now - but we'll boil come June!!)
thanks for the blog

Anonymous said...

Nice haiku-ing.

I can't decide whether the first line is sadder or the last. Regardless, evocative writing.


Unknown said...

Spring is coming - promise.

Caroline said...

but it is so pretty.

Caroline said...

OMG - your wordcount!

Ms Melancholy said...

You're working hard doing something, aren't you? Lots of love from over the pond, my favourite anglophile.

The Moon Topples said...

Kirsty: Moon Topples brand chocolate bars are indeed coming to a store near you. They come in six different varieties. So far, I like the one with crisped rice the best. Nice to meet you. All these trans-Atlantic expats are making me kinda jealous.

Sorry about your camera envy. I had the same condition until Friday.

Minty: Thanks. I'm glad you liked the haiku. Most of them have been jokes so far, so it's nice to put one up with a different feel.

Minx: I await fulfillment of your prophecy.

Caroline: Pretty, yes. And thank you for noticing my word count. As I said previously, I wrote about 8,000 words this weekend, which is probably somehow connected to my current burnout.

Ms. M.: Thanks for your nice words here, and your post about the inner critic earlier. You are now officially my therapist.