Monday, February 26, 2007


Caroline wanted pictures of snow for some reason, so I took my older camera out at three this afternoon to see if there was anything photogenic out there. I was terrified of damaging the new one through clumsiness or wetness. As it was, I got water in the lens of the camera I did bring, so maybe I was properly cautious rather than paranoid.

I cannot fall asleep tonight, so I did the same at 3 am. Here are the results:

Full-sized images are on the Flickr page, which can be found among the clickables. The color image is in there mostly to show you the astronomically slow shutter speeds I was dealing with tonight. The red floating streak is a passing car. I lost more than a few pictures to my lack of a tripod, as the slightest tremor of my hand knocked the whole shot out of commission.

Anyway, after that last post, the night air and the unusual stillness of my neighborhood probably did me some good.

We're due for more snow over the next few days, and maybe I'll be brave enough to drag the good camera outdoors to see what I can see.


Caroline said...

Sorry for the wet lens thing.
But Maht they are so beautiful. I love the footprints one - it's stunning.
I have a thing about snow. We don't get it. I lived near the coast as a child and where I live now seems to get a day of it. Then it melts. I long for snow. The footprints photo is magical.

Please allow me the romantic image of snow. I know that it's a pain for you all who have to survive within it, but it has a beauty that touches me. It makes me want to cry.

Oh gosh ... crying woman alert.
I'll be off now.
Thank you.

The Moon Topples said...

Caroline: Wet lens is not your fault, but rather careless on my part. I was standing under something drippy.

I like the footprints, too. It's the side gate to my building. All the others that I could keep were taken from my front stoop.

I imagine I can get quite a few more should I bother to actually leave the building.

And you're quite correct in finding snow beautiful. I think even those of us who must slog through it have to admit that, when the slogging is done, the results can be quite stunning.

That said, I am ready for spring. That stupid groundhog promised us!

Chris said...

I suppose it would be mean of me to say that the crocuses have already popped up in the grass here are are blooming? How about I saw a lovely rose in one of the front gardens down the street.

Ya, that would be mean. Forget I said anything ;>)

The Moon Topples said...

Chris: Yes, that would be incredibly mean. So glad you opted not to rub it in. (curses under breath)