Saturday, March 24, 2007

Blog for sale (with apologies to Cole Porter)

Blog for sale
appetizing young blog for sale
blog that's fresh and still unspoiled
blog that's only slightly soiled
blog for sale

who will buy
who'd like to sample my supply
who's prepared to pay the price
for a trip to paradise
blog for sale

I was on another site recently when I saw a little badge in the sidebar advertising that blog's worth in dollars. I was curious as to how they figured that out, so I clicked on the little embedded link and discovered that my own blog is worth $66,615.72. It didn't take long to figure out that I would sell my blog in a heartbeat for that amount of money. If I were very careful—and stopped smoking—I could live on that for about two years. Two solid years of glorious time to do nothing but write.

Plus, I would of course immediately start another blog and tell all of my blog friends where to find me. Since this blog is only seven months old, if I were to allow the new blog to mature for the two years I was writing constantly, who knows how much money I could make?

So provided someone wants to pony up the dough, I'll be selling off The Moon Topples as soon as possible. Any takers?

I'd ask only that I be allowed to take some of my writings with me. And I'm throwing in Bonto, the new monkey at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar, absolutely free.

My blog is worth $66,615.72.
How much is your blog worth?


Anonymous said...

I know much my blog is worth (or rather, not worth) thanks to you. If I sell it now, let's see, I can get a stick of gum, some Twinkies and a box of rubber bands.

That is a hefty sum there, Mr. T. I say sell, sell, sell.

And I know all about that monkey too. And I am heartbroken. Don't pass him off like that.

Ms Melancholy said...

Hi Mr Moon, it seems my blog is worth nada, zilch, and a big fat zero. It helpfully gave me a code to paste into my sidebar, but I decided to give it a miss. You are a classy act indeed.

The Moon Topples said...

GT: Shame on you. Your blog is worth thousands of dollars, and here you are grousing and pretending it is worth next to nothing, like poor Ms. M's blog. You could easily buy enough Twinkies by selling your blog to keep even Dirk satisfied for weeks and weeks. Just 'cause you couldn't take two years off with the proceeds from a blogsale, that doesn't mean there isn't a lot you could do with the value they've (arbitrarily?) assigned to your blog.

Ms. M: I think the blog worth is calculated based on Technorati data. If you aren't on Technorati, it might not count you. I saw a couple of pages come back as zero which are way more popular than mine. It's essentially counting links and assigning a dollar value to each incoming link. Since we know that at least one blog (mine) links to you, obviously there is an error in the calculations of the folks assigning the worth.

The Moon Topples said...

GT: Also: grr.

That came out way more serious than I had intended it. I know you bruise like a banana, so please accept my apology for anything you may have perceived as too harsh.

Caroline said...

I am going to sell my blog.
And never blog again.
And eat twinkies with GT ... because I so want to taste one.


Unknown said...

Ok I'm thinking and thinking, but why would you sell your blog? And Maht, you give a monkey a home and then get rid of him so easily. Where is your HEART????

basest said...

maht, i didn't expect my blog to be worth's not very developed yet. something of a toddler. But I was a little bit depressed to find that it's only worth $564.54. I've been doing it for almost 2 months. That's $282.27 for each month. You average better than $9,500/month. Sad now...

Ms Melancholy said...

Thanks Mr Moon, you have reassured me! I am on technorati, however, so either their calculation is incorrect or noone is reading my blog. I shan't be selling just yet though. So much more fun to be had.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I clicked the link and my blog is worth only $27,097.92.

I am crushed.

I feel worthless.

How do they determine a blog's worth? It surely isn't by reading it because the whole thing took about 4 seconds.
Longevity? Number of visitors?

Oh, where have I gone wrong? Before, I was blissfully unaware that I was providing an inferior product. I may never recover from this deep melancholy into which I slide.

Ms Baroque said...

Hm. Mine's worth $28,791.54. Maht, you are clearly doing something right my boy, and you must hold on to your blog: soon it will be worth millions! When that day comes you can keep us all in printer ink and bananas.

The Moon Topples said...

Caroline: Trust me when I tell you that you are missing nothing if you've never had a Twinkie®. But GT is good company, and your blog is worth even more than mine, so you could certainly do all right from the proceeds.

Verilion: I would sell my blog, but create another and tell you all where to find me. I would use the proceeds to fund my writing for months and months. Is there a flaw with this dream? As to the monkey, he's been nothing but trouble since I brought him back. He tried to kill himself, and he's murder to clean up after. I am sorry to have lost your respect. I am only human.

Basest: I'd say that the last three months or so was where all the money came from. My first three months, I think I had three links, tops. Hang in there. We can all ride this gravy train.

Ms. M: Glad you're not selling. If everyone did, we'd constantly be trying to find one anothers' new blogs, and might lose some of our friends in the process.

HinSF: Please don't be sad because my blog is so much better than yours. Especially since it really is not better than yours. It's based on links, and links alone, and I think the fiction contest helped with that greatly. I seem to recall clicking this same thing not all that long ago and seeing a worth of less than $15K. Decided I wouldn't sell for that much, so I didn't post about it.

Plus your blog is one of my favorite reads.

Ms. B: Perhaps you are right. I should hold out until I can afford to take care of all my Blogfriends with the proceeds. A caution: I will only cover printer ink and bananas. Should you require anything else, you're on your own.

Unknown said...

Hey Maht, I'm still here. You'll have to do a lot worse than sell your blog and get rid of your monkey to get rid of me (by the way I've been playing with Bonto and he seems OK. I had a a kitten, but she just didn't seem to fit in on the side bar, I set her free so that she could roam wherever she wanted.) Anyway, it's a dead cool dream. I was obviously having a down to earth moment and my imaginatin was stifled. It happens about three times a year.

The Moon Topples said...

Verilion: I'm glad you aren't disgusted by my crass capitalism. I think I saw your kitten walking through my site meter results earlier...