Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Everybody loves fiction contests

C'mon, who doesn't love a good fiction contest? I'm looking at you, GoodThomas.

Just a reminder that you still have a little time to enter the Clarity of Night "Endless Hours" contest. It's only 250 words, and entries are due at 11pm EST (GMT -5) on Wednesday. My entry is number 3, and quite a few of my Blogfriends have taken a stab themselves. I haven't read most of the entries yet (24, as of this writing) but the few I read before deciding I wanted to wait until they were all up were very good.

And we are a week away from the second GBA(s)FC, which kicks off May 1st here on this blog. It's going to be a little different this time around, starting with the replacement of the Reader's Choice award with a Jury Prize. As with last time, most of the prizes are Author's Choice. The elimination of the Reader's Choice means that entries will be open for comments as soon as they are posted, so you can tell the author what you thought without waiting for voting to close. The lack of comments felt like a mistake right off the bat last time, and I wanted to make sure people could comment on their favorite stories without having to wait for two weeks.

Full rules will accompany the announcement of the prompt at the stroke of May on this page. I'm working on making them shorter than last time. This is my gift to you, Blogreader.

If you'd like to serve on the Jury, email me and let me know. Please do not let me know via the comments as the Jury, like the authors, will remain a closely-guarded secret until voting closes. I'll be choosing a couple of special folks to represent the variety of people who read this blog. Being on the Jury does not prohibit you from entering the contest yourself, and the voting will be much the same as an author vote, just counted in the other category.

So tell your friends, writing groups, coworkers, loved ones, former loved ones, servants, enemies, and anyone who will listen. That boy or girl you've been dying to talk to, but can't think of what you'll say? Tell them about a fiction contest, and he/she will be putty in your hands. Not actual putty, of course. That's kind of gross. Last time around we had an incredible batch of stories from all levels of writing experience, which was truly wonderful.

I hope, with your help, the second go will be as successful as the first one was. Won't you help me spread the word?


Unknown said...

Oh how exciting, May 1st is going to be a great day. My blog will be one, there will be a new writing competition and SPIDER MAN 3 comes out. Just perfect.

Reading the Signs said...

Does this mean I have to write something? Yes, it does! I couldn't miss out on the next Moon contest. I am preparing to sharpen my pencil.

(goodthomas, he's looking at you. We'll be competitors, what fun).

Caroline said...

So I'm not to comment here about it and email you instead? Right.
I just need to clarify the rules this time. I was a little confused last time ...


Anonymous said...

Man Tripping, you are not looking at me, you can't even see me. Your first fiction contest was incredible. Very well organized and filled with some incredible stories.

I did participate then, Signs, we were competitors then. My story was so bad, however, I received negative votes and had to give MT an Amazon gift certificate.

Reading the Signs said...

Apart from the gift certificate thing, I think there would be a certain style in that, goodthomas. If I can't win then best to go out in a puff of black smoke and be really bad. There ought to be a prize for it, though. Hard liquor would be appropriate and acceptable.

Unknown said...

Excited as well (poor love, it doesn't take much these days!)but please make it longer than 250 words. I can't do it. I just can't. It's like trying to squeeze meself into a size zero dress - nearly impossible and not very attractive.

Anonymous said...

Well, I left a huge trail of black smoke, Signs.

But all the entries -- most of which I have gone back and reread -- were really well done. It was great fun to read yours and HinSF's and nmj's and Minx's. Really wonderful writing all. I am excited to read all the new (as yet unwritten) pieces!!

The Moon Topples said...

Ver: Happy Bloggiversary in advance. I feel I can share with you that the theme for the contest will not be related to Spider-Man.

RTS: How much preparation do you need before committing to a pencil-sharpening? At any rate, it'll be great to have you aboard again.

Carbonite: Emails right now are for potential jury members. I promise you that the rules will not be complicated this time around.

GT: I installed a webcam before I departed. You really should eat healthier lunches.

Minx: I'm keeping it at 500 words, same as last time. Manageable for readers and writers alike.

GT and RTS's side conversation: My friend GoodThomas seems to have trouble making a distinction between a bad story and a story which fails to win a prize.

The competition aspect and the awarding of prizes is not at all the reason for the contest. It is to encourage writing. Any entrant who was happy with his/her final result, or whose story touched someone or received a vote from a peer is a winner.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Moon Slappies, you know I am joking about the immense hurt I felt at not winning last time.

Truly, I felt honored to be among such talented writers, such compelling stories. I really felt like a winner just posting my story and getting it out there. And I thank you for that opportunity. I will be out there again this time, front and center, waving the MT Short Fiction Contest flag.

The Moon Topples said...

GT: I appreciate the support. I know you were sort of joking.

Is there really a flag? Cool.

Reading the Signs said...

Think Japanese tea ceremony, Mr. Moon, but with pencils and accoutrements.

Unknown said...

It won't be about Spiderman? Well I think I can live with that, after all he's kind of been done hasn't he? Now if it was Batman...

Liz Dwyer said...

Rock the house! Can't wait for round 2 of this.

Sundry said...

Somehow I missed this one.

But I'll get a link up about the May contest as soon as I see a place to link to. Sigh.

The Moon Topples said...

RTS: Ah. That sounds quite nice, actually.

Ver: Don't tempt me. The Batman has a place in my heart.

Liz: I'm delighted to see someone other than me excited for the contest. Thanks much.

Sundry: Yeah, it'll be a separate page like last time. All will be ready at the dawn of May. But why the sigh?