Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Smoking and Contest Update

OK, well, I started smoking again a few days ago. That's probably the big news personally. Right now I'm gearing up for a second push, focusing on delaying my gratification in the meantime, trying to think about smoking more while I'm actually doing it, the physical act and the motives behind it. I'm applying duct tape to the areas where I seemed to be weakest, and will stop again on Monday. I'm not gonna make a big deal of it on the blog, so people don't have to feel obligated to wish me luck repeatedly.


I have also commenced the final planning for the GBA(s)FC #3, which will now be called "The Moon Topples Third Fiction Contest." A little wordier, but easier for me to type, and I was growing slightly embarrassed by the whole "great big awesome" thing. I should have a new graphic in the sidebar in the next day or so, if anyone wants to use it to help me promote the contest.

Promotion is an area where I clearly have some shortcomings, so any help any of you can lend is greatly appreciated.

It'll run an awful lot like the one in May, so feel free to skim those rules again (find them here) if you have any questions. The only difference I can think of (and I'm sure I've already mentioned this) is that there will only be a single winner in each category (Author's Choice and Jury Choice) with maybe a couple of Honorable Mentions given out as well.

This would also be an excellent time to let me know via email if you'd like a seat on the jury.


Unknown said...

Well, erm, good luck anyway...

And... a contest. Oh goodie! (seems to be contest season) But do I have to write in English? You don't want to accept entries in Novapulsian...?

Reading the Signs said...

Oh Mr.Moon, what can I say? I too am a cigarette-smoking recidivist and I know, I know how it is. But I have just smoked the last of the pack and am telling myself I won't buy another (ask me next week) - after all, my own daughter has given up and is, against all expectations, sticking to it. There is really no advice anyone can give, is there? We know all the answers. Erf!

Unknown said...

I have already written my entry so it would be useful to have a theme of 'feet' or 'shoes' or at a push 'shopping' - thank you.

Pallav said...

I say "go smoking" man...quitting is for losers :P

hey and a short story contest! are you and jason chums or something! what are we supposed to do come up with two awesome stories!

Dang! :D

Should be fun!@


The Moon Topples said...

AbVan: A quick skim of the rules confirms that English is the way to go here. And thanks for the doubled-up encouragement.

Signs: With the recidivism rate at over 80%, I can't allow myself to be too surprised, especially as my own rate has been 100% so far. Still, we learn and we try again.

Minx: Thanks for eliminating three perfectly good prompts. Meanie. Still, I'm sure you can shoehorn (!) your story into the theme if you really want to ruin the fun for everybody.

Nothingman/Tobacco Lobbyist: Thanks for the advice. I suppose it's nice to hear from someone who echoes the sentiments of the other side of my heart. As to Jason, we aren't supposed to overlap, but he never announces much in advance, and mine are every three months on the first of the month. Seems his are every three months somewhere between one and three weeks before mine. Maybe he's working off a lunar calendar.

Anyway, I hope you'll find time for my contest as well.

Pallav said...

Dude, this is made for you!!


Anonymous said...

Mash Topatoes, I am sorry that it didn't work this time but I am hopeful for you that you will be more successful next time. There will be a next time, won't there? Just think of the infinite money you will save -- for books, cds, bills.

Good luck on the next Awesome Story Thingy.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Good luck anyway - cos each time you give up is one time closer to the time it sticks for good, and that time could be Monday, who knows?

Pants said...

Mr Topples - what are you like?

I smoke about two cigarettes a year. I was out with some people the other night and one of them smoked. I was very pissed and nearly asked for a cigarette but didn't manage it. I would have liked to have though.

And now you're committing yourself to a third short story competition in the space of four or five months? As laudable is this is, I wonder if you shouldn't be working on your own novel. Either that or giving in to your obvious entrepreneurial gift - that would be great for everyone else - and become a publisher. Yo Maht! Sorry - self interest overcame me. You are wonderful.



Meloney Lemon said...

Hypnotism works - with the smoking I mean.
I see I have been dumped. Is it due to insufficient quantity or quality?

The Moon Topples said...

NothingMan: Well, that did give me a nice chuckle. Thanks.

GT: Thankya. I', not sure the money I save will actually be infinite, but it will be a lot. Hope you're planning to come by for the comp. we could use your pen.

Zinnia: Indeed. Each time is a better chance than not trying at all, at the very least.

TSP: No plans to become a publisher in the foreseeable future, but should I take the plunge I shall try to recall your pre-emptive kissing up. As for the smoking, it's between 2 and 3 packs a day, which is a huge factor in my decision to give them up.

Meloney: I honestly wasn't sure if you were still posting. I tend to enjoy your stuff, though, so I've put you back in. Sorry to delete you like that.

Meloney Lemon said...

Cheers mate. Will try and come up with the goods.

Unknown said...

You called me 'meanie' - you're such a heel!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I can't wait to read them all.

Shoes hmm Minx? Coming from you, this hints at wickedly fun delight!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Nikki Neurotic said...

Good luck this time around. I think last time you just had too many things stacked against you...hopefully this time you will be able to prepare better.