Thursday, October 11, 2007

Phoctober the eleventh

Cell phones with cameras in them. How delightful.

Once upon a time I moved among Workers, and I had some poseable figurines on hand. Spider-Man got the best stuff, since he was super-articulated. You could even control his individual fingers.

We would set them up in the morning as a small gift to the other workers. Sometimes it was me, sometimes my friend Micah, sometimes it was Rich. Rich and Micah were always slightly better than I was at this. Here are some that we preserved with our tiny cameras built into an otherwise serviceable telephone.

Eagle-eyed viewers will detect a chalk outline from a series of "Law and Order" inspired tableaus. Fozzie makes an excellent Vincent D'Onofrio, as it happens. This was "Red Rover" if you cannot guess.

Spidey tries out his pro-wrestling moves.

Pretty sure this was Rich's. I recall it being set up already when I arrived in the morning, and it completely brightened my day. "Duck, Duck, Goose."

The latest singing sensation.


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It isn't too late to join the fun. Just do a photo post, mention Phoctober, and come and tell me about it in the comments.


Anonymous said...

I never quite understood why they took the Muppets off TV.

My mobile phone doesn´t have a camera because it´s very shit indeed.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

That was just too fun. Big smiles all the way through, thanks!

This photo project has really taken off, what a good idea!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Baino said...

At last, not so much technique but great humour . . . makes us truly awful shutterbugs feel proud! I'm enjoying this ... Thanks for the link, I am not worthy! *bows with arms outstretched*

Taffiny said...

I didn't think those two muppet dudes even had legs, thought they were just built into the balcony.

Oh, how I used to love The Muppet Show. When looking at myself with a critical eye, I often think that if I was the offspring of any two TV/movie characters, based on looks, it would be Fozzy bear and Gonzo ( never mind that they are both male, if the frog and the pig can date..). Mind you I would prefer Audrey Hepburn, the question isn't about preference.

Still I can't help but wonder, what possessed you to take into your possession such figurines?

Is there an older post somewhere about why you aren't among those worker people anymore? I am not asking you why (that would be bold and rude), I am just asking you if you have perchance already told us.

The Moon Topples said...

Mr. Zhisou: I like to think that they took it off to keep it a special thing. Probably, though, it was something to do with money. At any rate, they've been releasing them on DVD for the last couple of years, and it has been great to catch up as an adult.

Scarlett: I didn't really think anyone else was going to do any Phoctobering. I think I didn't even know how I was going to incorporate posts from other sites until it finally kicked off at the start of the month. So I'm delighted by all the other folks participating. Thanks.

Baino: Yeah, I thought maybe my posts were becoming too arty. This seemed like a good way to tip the scales back.

Taffiny: I think Statler and Waldorf occasionally had things to do outside of the balcony, though that may have just been in the films. I think of myself personally as a cross between Kermit, Fozzie, Beaker and Animal.

As to the lack of Workers in my life, I think I did explain it, back in April when I left. I seem to only work part of the year, and in April I thought I would just not work at all for a while and simply spend my time writing. Soon, however, I shall be among them again. The money is running out, and the seasonal projects I am often used for by my clients are starting up again in late fall or early winter.

Taffiny said...

? went to novel site, confused (yes, I know, you aren't surprised). Can I do a novel, that I have done all the ground work for (pre-planning, but no manuscript) or is that cheating? Can you choose not to send in the finished product (whatever that may be) for word count at the deadline?

The Moon Topples said...

Taffiny: That would not be cheating. I didn't find this out until sometime into the event last year, when it was far too late for me to go back and write something else, but you can do all the prep work you want before launching into NaNo. In fact, as someone who essentially improvised a novel last year, I cannot stress enough how helpful it would have been to have some ideas in place before I started. I thought you were supposed to wing it.

No one reads the manuscripts, if that's your concern. You're allowed to post samples on the site if you like, but they make pretty clear that there isn't someone sitting there poring over all the books people have written. They even give you a way to "scramble" your book before submitting it to the counter. Some fancy thing with Word that I tried once or twice before finally just pushing the regular thing through for most of the month in the interest of time.

The word count thing is really only necessary for when you cross the finish line. Up until you claim victory, you are allowed to simply plug in your numbers on the honor system.

Should you choose not to put your word into the grinder after reaching 50,000, you only lose the opportunity to officially "win" the event.

S. Kearney said...

Those little men look too familiar! :-) Does my recent video of Venice photos count for your phoctober thing?

S. Kearney said...

Oh, btw, and this is something I may've missed .... but where's Good Thomas gone? I tried to connect to his site and got lots of adverts?

Unknown said...

These are such fun! And thank goodness for phones with cameras - one might not always have one's camera, but one generally is anchored to one's phone!

Rick said...

Spidey rules!

Old folks' Phoctober-- cell phone photos of kids drawings. No foolin'...

Taffiny said...

Maht, thanks for answering my questions.
( I didn't find you lions till June)

Maybe I will enter too, I sure could use a jump/jolt.

Oh, and I hope you aren't too offended that I spelled Fozzie Bear wrong.

Do tell Shameless about witnessingami.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are great-especially the red rover--I think Spidey has a shot at breaking through.

My brother and I used to set up G.I. Joes and do battle with rubber bands but I think we may have had more fun exploring civilian activities.

And I've decided to play in the Phoctober fun again.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

PS - played again. More fall uh... how did Ally put that? Fall foilage? Yes. Some of that.

The foliage was last time.

And, as an aside, I think that Seamus' Venice video ought to count, it's very good and there's music too, of course.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

I love that this post is labeled "Spidey." And I love, love Red Rover. Er, I used to anyway. It's not like I still play it. Sheesh.

I finally referred to Phoctober today in my post under my submission for today--but it's only one photo, so I hope it counts.

And I, too, am doing NaNoWriMo...and NaBloPoMo. I know. Crazy.

S. Kearney said...

Moon, I had to have one last look at your lovely lion in the sidebar there. Are his bags packed yet? Have you had a good heart-to-heart? I have found him a lovely home with Jamaican Dawta. You will love her site. Excellent writing and lots of good stuff. She has now taken adoption after an inspection ... I noticed your boy was all washed and in his good clothes. It worked ! :-) She is trying to find a name and poem as we speak. :-) You've been a good father, Mr Moon. Can you now be the godfather?

The Moon Topples said...

Shameless: I suppose it does. I'll add it to the links for tomorrow. And GT has transformed himself into Witnessing Am I, which is in my links.

AbVan: True enough. Otherwise the antics of Spidey and company might have been lost forever!

Kyklops: I went over and found the puppy pics, missing this one entirely. Is it okay if I link you tomorrow for the art?

Taffiny: No worries at all. NaNo can be very confusing. I know I could have used a resource for information other than their clunky FAQs last year. Let me know if you sign up.

Matthew: Good to see you Phoctobering anew! And, yes, I'd say Spidey's chances are excellent.

Scarlett: Been there, linked that. And Seamus will be in the Thirteenth with his Venice video.

Soggy: You can still play red rover. Who's going to judge you? The guy who poses action figures to play it instead? I think not. Will you consider being a NaNo buddy with me? I find keeping track of friends to be a nice motivator.

Shameless: I think "Friend of the lions" is a more appropriate title for me, as I will undoubtedly fail in guiding the lion's spiritual upbringing. Glad old Nameless has someplace to go.

Unknown said...

It took me a while to work out that Red Rover is British Bulldog, the game the banned in playgrounds all over the UK cos kids were getting their arms broken! Still I liked the singing shot at the end. I'm jealous of your spidy, my batmans are very wooden in comparison!

Taffiny said...

I did sign up, which perhaps, makes you a good influence.
I tried to leave a comment on my regions forum, but it never appeared.

Oh, so you aren't one of the lions anymore. Clawing up the furniture, I suppose, or taking up too much space on the sofa? And no doubt, bit pricey to feed.

Taffiny said...

oh and I just tried to steal your nanowrimo icon and put it on my blog (as a page element) but it never lets me put photo things there. Drat!