Friday, October 12, 2007

Phoctober the twelfth

This is Murphy. Or possibly The Murphy.

Once, long before we met, Blogreader, I was coaxed out of my apartment by a small group of Workers. Together, we attended a professional sporting event. It was a baseball match between the Chicago White Sox and some other group of baseball players.

Soon after taking our seats, we noticed Murphy. He was hard to miss, so engrossed was he with noticing us. He stared at me specifically for much of the first segment of the game, but when I switched seats, I noticed that he kept his attention on the seat I had taken. This made me feel abandoned.

We named him Murphy, as this was what was printed on the back of his shirt. Of course, if his name was actually Murphy, then this was probably also his father's name, and the father never once turned around to confront us as we talked about the weird boy who was staring at us.

By the time we fled our seats in the face of a strong, sudden spring storm, we had created a full story of Murphy. He could, for instance, see into your very soul. He knew every thing you had ever done wrong. He could start fires with his mind, and control the weather. We blamed him for the storm, for the balance of the score in the opposing team's favor, for receding hairlines, relationship problems, poor quality ballpark food, for anything we could think of. It was very cathartic. For his part, The Murphy never once spoke to us or acknowledged in any way that we might have noticed him as well.

Several months later, as I was roaming the streets of London, I stopped by my hotel and checked my email. Enclosed I found this, from Micah:

He haunts us still.


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Meloney Lemon said...

The little guy is a definite Midwich Cuckoo.

I've done some phoctobering over at mine if you're interested.

Reading the Signs said...

Wooo - nice to find myself here, Mr. Moon.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Do you think he is the cause of Murphy's Law?

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Ok. That's just creepy.
and, Hearts, I hope it's not Murphy's law because I think I'm blood-related to Murphy.

*shiver* ...ehw...

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

PS- the email is kind of funny, in a weird psycho clown sort of way.

Unknown said...

You realise of course, don't you, that Murphy was probably sitting there watching you lot making up the same sort of stories... Hmm, he thinks to himself, now that one, he's the Dr Evil... and that one, she's the white witch, and the other guy, he's ice man, he turns everything he touches to sheer freeze. It is quite possible, that you will in some years time find yourselves immortalised as superheroes or antiheroes in much the same way...

Unknown said...

or he's autistic?
Eh sorry don't know where that came from. No, Vanilla is probably right, he was making up stories too.
Just dropped by to tell you that I had had another crack at phoctober and then got stuck here looking at everyone else's great shots. There are some really fantastic shots showcased here and you've really got the community going as well. Your wee challenge even managed to get a fellow blogger to bare his legs!
Right I'm going to step away from the creepy kid now.

Anonymous said...

Your friend did a great job of capturing Murphy--though quite eerie. I've noticed nieces and nephews look at me as if I wasn't there--their eyes glassed over. I wonder if M didn't suffer the same condition. Either way it makes for a great story.

Phoctober is infectious . Thanks for bringing it all together--I'm really enjoying the different entries.

Unknown said...

So the game wasn't that good then?

Taffiny said...

someone should have told The Murphy that one of his powers is not invisibility. (course I don't blame people for being too scared to risk the consequences of interacting with Murphy directly).

I had fun playing with your monkey, Bonto, he is quite spry (for a virtual pet), dancing about, and doing those crazy head spins. (just don't put Murphy's head on him, or else that whole Murphy is watching thing could become creepy for me).

S. Kearney said...

Very very scary. It's the kid with a hood who could be waiting around the corner for you. And he's probably just a dreamy lad who is actually very very nice! :-)

Sameera Ansari said...

People watching can backfire and we tend to become "the watched" at times :)