Sunday, October 28, 2007

Phoctober the twenty-eighth

A bit late getting this in. Had to cheat the time stamp. Apologies.

I attended a small gathering out at my friend Ian's place Saturday night. You may recall Ian's backyard from this post, in which I announced the whole Phoctober concept in the first place.

Campfire, cocoa (regular or spicy, each homemade), cider, s'mores: there was a general sugar overload among all the participants. It was a perfect night for a fire, crisp and legitimately cool enough that it felt purposeful, even necessary as we perched on our wooden stumps in the darkness. Micah, who drew my "maht-in-the-moon" logo for the banner atop this page, doodled a rather sinister jack o'lantern which I have a feeling you'll be seeing before Phoctober is through. There was plenty of laughter and conversation, and it was a nice counter to some of the lengthy rehearsals I've been in lately. Those are frequently frustrating right now.

At Saturday's frust-fest, we were sort of forced to perform scenes in front of an audience at the retirement home where we rehearse. The scene which myself and my scene partner had to do begins with my entering and handing her some water, which is followed by gazing moonily into one another's eyes and then an intimate kiss. As I handed her the water and leaned in for the kiss, a woman in the audience cried out "He's tall!". It went downhill from there, if you can believe that.

So the gathering at Ian's was a good opportunity to relax and just enjoy the company of friends, to clear my head.

Just in time for a marathon rehearsal on Sunday to go and recloud it for me. Less than two weeks until we open, so one way or another the truly agonizing parts end soon...


I've never tried to photograph a fire before. It was fun to try. Fun right up until I found myself leaning closer and closer in order to try to get a shot of the wriggling embers at the bottom of the pit, and the heat was so intense I had to pull back for fear of igniting.

Sometimes, I should be tethered by a leash to something immovable, to prevent me from seriously hurting myself.

Ian prodding the fire. Not nearly as crazy dangerous as it looks.

Putting it out at the end of the evening...


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It isn't too late to join the fun. Just do a photo post, mention Phoctober, and come and tell me about it in the comments.


Unknown said...

Lovely shots, Moon T. Were there marshmallows?

Rehearsals sound intense but I'm sure it will all come together on opening night. Hope the next two weeks are less fraught.

Have phoctobered with doorways, windows and shop fronts.

Rick said...

Jeez, I go away for the weekend and Maht has set his joint on fire!

Is it still Phoctober?

Taffiny said...

What is spicy cocoa?

Goodness do I feel dumb, Maht-in-the moon, logo, ooohhh.

Frust-fest. I like it (the word, not the experience). I am sorry to tell you, but from where I am sitting, the story is funny. "He's tall!". Ha ha ha ha. Bad bad blogreader. I shall work harder at cultivating empathy tomorrow. Same holds true for the fire, nice shots, totally worth a bit of singe from here.
Love the first flaming embers one with the log. Gorgeous.

"Sometimes, I should be tethered by a leash to something immovable..". Are you intentionally trying to place odd images in our minds? Suddenly I find, I am picturing myself with my very own wookie. (I take no responsibility for this image popping into my mind, whatsoever)

Anonymous said...

Great fire pictures.

I wish I was able to have a campfire at my house, but we can't as we're too close to town. Sometimes I wish I lived a little further in the country.

The pictures brought back many fond memories.

Unknown said...

Oh these photos are fantastic. I love fire and so I really really loved these shots, but maybe a heat proof suit and some safety ropes are in order if you are going to get that close.

Sameera Ansari said...

Looks like you had a good time!

Awesome pics,fiery yet so warm;truely a "friendly" fire as you had promised yesterday :)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed these and have not attempted fire pictures either. The first picture with Ian I especially like--there seems to be a tribal energy to his movement.

Only three more days of Phoctober, what's a boy to do? Celebrate.

The Moon Topples said...

AbVan: There certainly were. You need them to make s'mores, which I have tried in vain to explain to Minx in the past. Suffice to say that they are yummy. And that marshmallows are a lot more flammable than I had recalled.

Kyklops: No, no. Look again. You can clearly see the fire being put out, provided the last shot animates as it should...

Taffiny: Spicy cocoa = cocoa with a little cayenne pepper in it. Really worth a taste if you've never tried it. And, yes, the story is amusing now that some time has passed. At that moment, though, it was anything but. And why on earth would one tether a Wookie? They are proud creatures, and do not take kindly to restraints.

Struggles: Happy to share my fire with you, then, since you can't have one of your own. Actually, the impetus for the party was me not being able to have one of my own.

Verilion: Even as I felt my skin tightening in the heat, I was actually more worried about my camera. So some shielding for that, plus the heat suit and tether might be the complete recipe.

Sameera: Yes, a very good time. Thanks.

Matthew: Yes, the aperture remained open just long enough for the sparks to become streaks and the whole thing to take on a whole different connotation. I'm pretty happy about those.

Unknown said...

Send instructions for s'mores, pleeeeeese. It appears they contain marshmallows, involve fires and thus already have me drooling somewhat unattractively over my keyboard!

Taffiny said...

(in response to your wookie response)

I know, which is why I was so surprised that you had suggested it. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Absolutely brilliant shots, Maht!!! You captured the flames true to form. And the last one is fantabulous! :)

I am enthralled to go capture some flames as well. :)

The Moon Topples said...

AbVan: Well, you need marshmallows, and half a chocolate bar, and some graham crackers. Here's where the recipe might break down, because I had a really hard time trying to get Minx to understand what graham crackers are. Anyway, you toast the marshmallow in the fire, and spread your gooey results between two halves of a graham cracker with the chocolate in the middle. Simply delicious.

Taffiny: (Double checks post, finds no reference to Wookies, scratches head.)

Jefferson: I recommend you take safety precautions before you shoot fire. I feel like I will do so before trying again.

Taffiny said...

Uh, yeah, um, er.. perhaps I should not clarify, in-fact I am quite certain I should not, but...
well it was all rapid fire anyway, and I take no responsibility for any of it,
somehow you quickly transformed
to wookie, (I assume because you are tall)
immovable object to me. (I don't know why)

I thought it was funny, or else I would not have referred to it. But now, far too late, I have thought better of it, by way of thinking much worse of it. Or should that be the other way round. I have thought worse of it, by way of thinking better of it?

I really thought some others might have had odd imagery from your suggestion of yourself tethered by leash to something, but apparently my mind alone is an apple full of worms. Sorry.

Anyway, I promise not to mention wookies again.